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Watch: Lexi The Jumping Dog is the world’s best jumping dog.

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Dogs have the ability to jump as high as 6 feet. Trained dogs can jump even higher. But seldom do we see our regular pet dogs achieving such a feat. But Lexi, nicknamed ‘The Jumping Dog’ is no ordinary pooch.

Lexi’s owner Matthew Waldman built a relatively tall fence in their backyard for privacy.

But Lexi has ridiculed the fence by hopping up the fence as and when she pleases. She does it with ease and the fence just cannot hold her back.

Lexi the Jumping Dog’s new TikTok account @lexithejumpingdog, which was just made last week, has already reached 20 million views. The videos on her social media accounts are of the black and white Lexi running up the wooden fence. She runs back and forth and then climbs up the fence to gaze outside. She does all of this in a matter of seconds. 

There are plenty of videos online of people attempting parkour on the fence, but Lexi is a real athlete. The fence, which appears to be at least 6 feet tall, is no challenge for Lexi. She climbs on top of the fence like it’s a piece of cake.

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Lexi is all dressed up in a superhero costume in a recently posted video, right in time for Halloween. The outfit with a red cape fits Lexi perfectly. She gives all the feels of a super-dog as he scales up and sits atop the fence observing the neighborhood.

Although it’s quite impressive seeing Lexi scale that high so easily, the videos with her owner’s reaction are downright funny. In the videos, Lexi seems to scale up the fence all the time, while her owner looks on unamused. He is probably thinking about his inadequate fencing and failed privacy plans. One such funny video is where Waldman sports a clown filter while Lexi enjoys leaps up the fence.

A wooden privacy fence is a secure option, at least most of the time, so people are unsure what Walman can do. Given Lexi’s talent, she won’t take much time learning to scale up a taller fence too. But luckily for Waldman, Lexi doesn’t have any motive to jump up and run away. The pooch is happy enough to watch the neighborhood while climbing up high.

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