Hoo-man pretends to make a fake phone call while using the dog’s favourite words. Her reaction is simply delightful!!

Hoo-man pretends to make a fake phone call while using the dog’s favourite words

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Are you someone who enjoys adorable clips and challenges related to four-legged companions? Is your feed filled with adorable videos of doggo’s and their hoo-mans? From pretending to put your dog on a diet to ‘forgetting’ to taking them out on a walk, to simply ignoring their presence, videos like these are a simple pleasure to watch, all thanks to the delightful responses from pups.

And If you are someone who may have enjoyed watching various dog challenges clips, and is looking for something new to add to the ever-goring list, well the wait is finally over.

There’s one more dog video challenge that is going viral involves saying your dog’s favourite words to see how they tilt their head or react. In one such charming video of the challenge, shared online, Rosie, a five-year-old Dachshund, can be seen reacting adorably to the challenge.

Check out her reaction to this endearing dog challenge:


The video opens with Rosie sitting comfortably on the bed. Her mother then pretends to be on a phone call but secretly uses all of Rosie’s favourite words, while on the fake call. These words include, ‘grandmother’, ‘behave’, ‘walk’, ‘car ride’, ‘sticks’ and more. Rosie listens to all these words quite attentively and responds to them with the sweetest nod ever!!

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The clip was originally posted on Instagram by the official account of ‘rosieandmack’, mack Rosie’s little sibling is the Wiener family’s other dog.

Within a day of being shared, the video has garnered over 1,800 likes and tons of comments. While many commented about how wonderful Rosie’s reactions are, some couldn’t help but put forward a request — and even command — the dog gets to enjoy all of her favourite things.


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