The world’s most famous tech giant, Google officially claims the title of being the first ‘Dog Company’

The world’s most famous tech giant, Google officially claims the title of being the first ‘Dog Company’

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We all know that animals have the power to change human thoughts and feelings. Often referred to as one of the most potent treatment choices for various mental ailments, dogs are especially being trained and taught to understand and help humanity.

Workplace stress is something that has been a bother for years. Erratic lifestyle and work pressure have been noted as one of the main causes of various mental issues that are gradually progressing into serious problems.

Working in the technological sphere is perhaps one of the most desirable dreams of every possible human. The notion of being able to create structures and things using the power of imagination, calculation, learning, and technical aspects is what most of us dream of doing at least once in our lifetime.

However, the real-life field of technology is much more difficult and strenuous than one can imagine. The stress and the ambition to derive something new and interesting along with the endless hours of hard work and labor needed to conceptualize a dream are not easy feet.

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The fine line between work life and personal life balance is slowly disappearing which is causing a deteriorating psychological condition. This newfound mental issue related to decreased productivity has resulted in many tech giants stepping out of the traditional office norms and creating a much less strenuous work environment.

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Source: BussinessInsider

Google, as one of the forerunners in the world of advancement, was one of the first-ever companies that changed its interior completely to facilitate a better and happier workspace for its employees. From couches, hammocks, and bean bags instead of traditional work cubicles to bright colored walls, game rooms, sleeping bunkers, and even movie theatres, numerous new features were added to the workspace.

As an experiment therapy dogs were brought into the premises a few days a week to relax and destress the employees. The program was such a massive hit that officially Google decided to permit its employees to bring in their pets that include dogs as well as cats and birds to work along with them. Ironically the first dog to visit Google headquarter was Yoshka in the year 1999 who was Urs Holzle, the current senior VP of Engineering’s pet dog.

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Yoshka is still remembered 2 decades later as one of the most memorable legends of Google and even has a cafe dedicated in his name at the main headquarters. Since then pets, especially dogs have been among the regular visitors of Google office premises worldwide.

Finally, after a very successful run, it was noted that pets not only helped in improving the mental well-being of the employees but also increased their productivity and enthusiasm for work.

The Doggler’s Group message board created for dog owners who are employed at Google was among the first initiatives taken by the company to legally introduce dogs into the company portfolio.

As of 2021, Google has finally decided to declare itself as a company that allows unhindered access to pet dogs. However, they also included that other pets like cats and birds are also welcome.  The very unique and out-of-the-box declaration by the mega tech giant has been a surprise for many other MNCs who are also taking initiatives to help the employees for their mental and physical well-being.


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