A dog got raped with an 11-inch wooden stick and left to die in Mumbai

A dog got raped with an 11-inch wooden stick and left to die in Mumbai

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A nine-year-old dog living in a Galleria Mall in Hiranandani Powai was severely assaulted with an 11-inch wooden stick shoved brutally in her reproductive organs on Thursday and is currently in serious condition. The Powai police have enlisted an FIR for this situation.

A software engineer named Devi Sheth, who realized that the dog is injured and took her to an NGO for treatment alongside other community people from the territory, said the poor dog was bleeding nonstop from her reproductive organs. The veterinarians presumed an unfamiliar object could be the reason for the bleeding and figured out how to remove a long wooden stick that had been shoved into her private part.

“Noorie’s tears weren’t stopping as she was already going through a lot of trauma inside her head which left her in shock and non-responding state. Three veterinarians from World For All (WFA) who performed medical procedures on Noorie for quite a long time during the night till the extremely early time on Friday, discovered that her digestion tracts had burst and various organs were harmed. At a certain point during the treatment, Noorie’s heart had quit pulsating and she quit breathing because of excessive blood loss and had to revive.

The wooden stick recovered from the dog's private part
This 11-inch wooden stick was shoved into Noorie’s reproductive part. Image source: Midday.com

Sheth says another dog from the shopping center has been missing since the most recent couple of days and smells a rat. Geeten Dudani, the trustee of Bombay Animal Rights (BAR) filed a complaint in Powai police headquarters against obscure people.

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An offense has been enrolled under Sec 377 of the IPC (unnatural intercourse) and two areas under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (PCA).

Noorie is a homeless street dog but still, she was very much cared for by individuals in the community. She was fed, vaccinated, and given clinical treatment,” Dudani said. He included that more than one individual must be associated with the wrongdoing as Noorie would have attempted to escape or guard herself when attacked in a severe way. Her friendly nature made her an easy prey lamentably, he said and called it “not less than Nirbhaya case – just there it was a human included, and here she is a dog.”

The Powai police speedily enrolled the objection. They enlisted the FIR inside a couple of hours and were present at the emergency clinic for the panchnama at 2 am.

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