The Internet can’t stop gushing over a viral dog dancing to Ed Sheeran’s music during a wedding

The Internet can’t stop gushing over a viral dog dancing to Ed Sheeran’s music during a wedding

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Dogs and their weird antics have always been a great source of entertainment for years. From funny faces to photobombing or even performing odd social media challenges, there is seldom anything that is not funny when they do it.

In fact, the global pandemic caused lockdown was one of the best times for canine pets worldwide as it gave them a rare chance to spend months with their beloved humans alone. This was probably one of the reasons why so many videos of challenges and activities with pets were being posted all over social media worldwide.

One of the most hilarious and memorable acts by dogs is when they try to dance to peppy beats and numbers. The hilarious tail wagging and jumps are nothing if not a sure sign of fun and happiness on their part.

Posted by a Twitter user named Fred Schultz, a very cute short video has been trending worldwide for quite some time. In fact, the video was so well-liked by people that it has been already shared numerous times on other platforms.

The hilariously adorable video that was viewed over 400 thousand times in just a day is one of the best wedding moments ever captured from anywhere around the world. Ed Sheeran’s melodiously romantic number Perfect has been one of the top chartbusters worldwide.

A very common favorite for romantic scenarios, it is not surprising to find the song being played at proposals and wedding ceremonies. While the groom and the bride danced to the number, the one individual who stole the entire limelight was a dog!

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As the music began to play, the dog cutely walked up to the groom who was dressed in a very handsome Texan Hat and three-piece tuxedo. Happily wagging its tail, the dog can be seen clearly vying for the groom’s attention.

As it began to jump up and down to the beats, the groom picked the dog and the couple began to dance along with the dog thus making the event much more fun and memorable for sure. The labrador dog seemed to be extremely glad to have both the bride and groom for the company as it danced along with them at a slow pace.

Tail wagging and happy on its hindlimbs, the dog matched its steps perfectly to the slow number thus mesmerizing even the wedding guests present at the venue. With over 13 thousand likes and hundreds of worldwide comments, the video is yet another beautiful showcase of the relationship and bonding between humans and their dogs.

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Aptly titled, “Hey, don’t forget me.” The video clearly depicts that as the couple embraces their new life, the dog is also willing to happily include another lovely family member in its life. Very happy at the new prospect for its human, the dog certainly showed his love in the most emotional way possible.

The post garnered some of the most heartfelt comments and positive attitudes from almost every viewer. Aside from hundreds of congratulatory messages for the newlyweds, many even enquired if the adorable labrador pup was up for sale.

Videos like these are often a reminder to us that dogs are also very emotional and loving in nature. They may not have the voice to tell us their feelings but at every point in their life, they try to show their love in small ways.


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