Anand Mahindra shares an important message from a Cute Dog. Watch

Anand Mahindra shares an important message from a Cute Dog – Watch

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More often than not we encounter great life lessons hidden in little actions of everyday existence. And usually, we are encouraged with the willingness to share the enlightening teaching with others. If you are someone with the same outlook, Well, you definitely have something in common with the chairman of Mahindra  Group itself.

Anand Mahindra, the chairman of Mahindra  Group, often takes to his Twitter handle, to share different types of videos. From making people laugh to motivating them, his posts are quite diversified. And recently, Anand Mahindra came up with a motivating message to be delivered by a lovely little Dog. He shared an adorable clip of a little dog with the message ‘persistence always pays’, as this is what the dog is reminding us all of.

The caption accompanying the post declaimed  “At a friend’s house near New York. Yes, yes, I let the little furry friend in but had to take this clip as a reminder that perseverance always pays. Never give up.”

Check out the post here:

The short clip, shared by Anand Mahindra, shows a dog persistently trying to open a glass door to enter a room. The little golden baby not giving up his efforts delivers an inspiring message to hold on to our efforts, never giving up. And coming from a lovely four-pawed pooch the message hits quite differently, with an equal share of ‘aww’, giggles, and warmth.

Since being shared three hours ago, the post has amassed nearly 58,000 views and the numbers are growing rapidly. It has also garnered over 3,600 likes and tons of comments. While some praised the business tycoon for his insight to fish out inspiration in the funny Dog video, others commented about the cuteness and will of the little dog.


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