What are the Cheap and Best Options for Puppy Adoption?

What are the Cheap and Best Options for Puppy Adoption?

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Are you looking to be a pet parent?

If you have come to this page, then I believe you want to become a pet parent and you are searching for the best way to buy a dog. This post will guide you with your pet adoption process by making you aware of the various ways in which you can get a dog. 

Becoming a pet parent is not as easy as it sounds. You can’t just walk to the store and buy yourself a puppy. You need to know that each dog is different, evaluate if you can provide its needs, and find out which breed is most suitable for you. For example, Siberian Huskies need to be given extra care if they are in environments with harsh temperatures as their bodies are built for the cold. 

How are dogs priced?

four assorted-color puppies on windowAustralian Shepherd puppies

Just like most things nowadays, the prices of dogs have gone up too. These prices are based on their breed, age, lineage, nationality, and other factors. 

The litter of a dog that consistently performs well at dog shows is going to be more expensive than a regular dog of the same breed. Similarly, a pure breed or imported dog costs more than a mixed or local one. Puppies that are certified by the KCI (Kennel Club of India) will cost a bit more than others but the additional cost is justified by the cost of obtaining the certification. 

You must also keep in mind that, though you manage to buy a dog within your budget, you will have to bear several expenses for them related to food, vaccination, hygiene, and health. 

Where can I get my puppy from?

If you thought that a pet store is the only way to buy a puppy, then you are wrong. In fact, I would suggest you keep the pet store as a last resort as there are better options for you to buy a cheap and good-quality puppy. 

  • Online 

Just like how every other business has gone online, puppies too can be purchased from multiple platforms online. There are also sites that will help you locate kennels or shelters around you and you can take a trip there and choose your dog friend in person. 

When you buy puppies online, be extra cautious as the puppy delivered to you might vary with the description online. 

  • Animal Shelters or Rescues
Animal Shelters or Rescues are great places to buy dogs for cheap rates.

Adopting a dog from here has both pros and cons. Dogs that are bred in the shelter may be well-trained and have a record of their health and behaviour. However, in the case of rescued dogs, there might not be a complete history and no proper training.

You can be assured that dogs from here are generally vaccinated, well-fed and groomed. As these places have a large number of dogs, you can find both pure breeds as well as mixed breeds.

black short coated puppy on persons hand

  • Breeders

Professional breeders are those who own small kennels or dog farms and they breed high pedigree dogs that mostly take part in dog shows.

You can find such breeders within your locality or in the next town and check for the availability of your desired puppy. The puppies here are usually certified so you might pay a bit more but as I have mentioned already, it is worth the cost. 

  • Dog Owners
Sometimes, when a private dog has a litter, the owner will want to give away the puppies.

These puppies are usually very cheap as the owner is mainly looking to get rid of the puppies rather than making a profit. 

selective focus photography of three brown puppies
Three brown stray puppies sitting on the street.

  • Stray Dogs 

It might seem like you are getting it for free and it is easy on your pocket but you are wrong; by adopting a stray dog you are only cutting the expense of obtaining the dog.

As you know, strays have the highest possibility of picking up diseases or infections and you need to be really cautious about this. 

  • Advertisements 
Of course, there’s the traditional old way of newspaper or magazine advertisements that call out people to adopt a dog.

You can even come across advertisements online. However, such advertisements don’t come by regularly and if you want to speed up the adoption process, you have to look at other options as well. 

  • Pet Store 

Pet stores are usually more expensive than others. The puppies or dogs here lack the right environment and exposure required for proper development. As they are caged all day, they might have behavioral issues and even physical constraints in some cases. 

In pet stores, the puppy is like a product and the owner’s only concern is profit.

woman in black framed eyeglasses holding black short coated puppy
Girl holding two black short-coated puppies in hand.

Tips to Remember 

In order to successfully adopt a cheap puppy, there are some things you need to keep in mind. 

  • Make sure you buy puppies that are at least 60 days old or more as puppies younger than that are very vulnerable and have a high mortality rate. Moreover, in the initial phase, puppies need to be with their mothers to be properly nurtured.
  • Go in person and visit the puppy and its environment. This is always a better option than having someone drop your puppy at home. 

Hope this has helped you with your adoption process. Happy pet shopping! 

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