Pet-Friendly Travel Ensuring Safety and Security on the Road

Pet-Friendly Travel: Ensuring Safety and Security on the Road

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According to a survey conducted in 2018, nearly 95 percent of pet owners had plans for at least one overnight trip with their beloved pets. Although many dogs thoroughly enjoy hitting the road, it can be quite stressful for both you as a pet parent and your precious pooch if you’re not adequately prepared. Road trips with pets, particularly long distances, can be quite demanding and necessitate careful planning and preparation. With our pet travel tips, you will spend your holidays safely and comfortably in the company of your pets.

Ensuring Safety and Security on the Road

#1 Pack a travel kit for your pet

When you’re traveling with your pet, it’s important to remember their health records as evidence of recent immunizations. Don’t forget to pack their regular food, water, medications, and bowls. Additionally, make sure you bring supplies for cleaning up after your pet, such as waste bags and a scoop.

To keep your furry friend happy and entertained during the trip, don’t forget to pack a few toys, including some new ones for added excitement and a few old favorites. Lastly, remember to include a pet first-aid kit in your preparations.

#2 Keep your pet restrained during the ride

It’s not safe for you or your dog if they are bouncing around the car while you’re driving. You really need to focus on driving, and your dog might end up distracting you if they get excited or scared. Airbags can be great for you, but they can be deadly for your furry friend if you have an accident with them in the front seat.

That’s why it’s important for pets to be in the back seat. The safest way for your pet to travel is in a carrier that’s securely strapped to the seat with a seatbelt or some other anchor. Just make sure the carrier is big enough for your dog to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably.

#3 Prepare entertainment

During pet-friendly travel, you should have a backup plan for entertaining your pet if he gets bored. This item should be on your pet’s travel checklist. For example, you can prepare a movie about animals or a game for a smartphone or computer.

Try searching Steam for something suitable for your laptop. If there are no correct options, just change the Steam region and you will see many more suitable games. If pet car safety is important to you, be sure to take care of entertainment, especially if your journey is long.

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#4 Remember identification

It’s recommended that pets have a microchip, along with wearing a collar that has an ID tag. The ID tag should have your home address and cell phone number on it. If you’re going on a longer trip or vacation, it’s a good idea to get a temporary tag with the phone number of your destination.

This way, if your pet happens to get lost while you’re traveling, someone will be able to contact you. Remember, always use a flat collar and avoid using a choke collar on your dog.

#5 Prepare car

If you frequently travel with your furry companion, it’s definitely worth considering investing in car seats and floor covers that offer both protection and comfort for your dog. There are plenty of options available for you to choose from!

#6 Don’t let me stick my head out the window

It’s not advisable to let your dog ride with its head out of the window. Although it might bring joy to some dogs and appear adorable, there are potential risks involved.

Debris could strike your pet, or they could be ejected from the window in the event of a collision, sudden braking, or swerving. If you’re already following tip #1, this won’t be a concern, but it’s still crucial to keep in mind.

#7 Do not leave your pet alone in the car

Leaving your furry friend alone in a parked car is never a good idea. When the temperature goes above 70°F or drops below 35°F, it becomes a safety concern.

It’s important to remember that even well-meaning passersby might decide to break your window if they think your dog is trapped inside, regardless of the temperature.

#8 Provide humidification in the car

When dogs are in the car, they tend to pant a lot because they get anxious, excited, or hot. This can lead to dehydration, so it’s really important to ensure they stay hydrated during car rides.

Make sure you bring enough water for your furry friend and a portable water bowl, so they can have fresh water whenever they need it. It’s really important for their well-being and will keep them comfortable and healthy during the trip.

#9 Keep all important documents with you

When you’re traveling with your furry friend across state or international borders, don’t forget to bring their necessary documents along. Along with proof of rabies vaccination, you might also need a health certificate.

#10 Understanding pet anxiety during travel

Amid all these travel preparations, it’s essential to consider another vital aspect: pet anxiety. Certain pets may get anxious during travel, making the journey stressful for both the pet and the owner. Understanding your pet’s anxiety, its triggers, and how to manage it effectively can significantly impact the overall travel experience. Just like humans, pets can experience anxiety for various reasons.

Unfamiliar surroundings, sudden changes, loud noises, and long periods of isolation can cause your pet to become anxious. If you’re aware your pet tends towards anxiety, prepare accordingly. Identify signs of anxiety early on and provide comforting solutions like their favorite toy or blanket.

Ensuring your pet is safe, comfortable, and free from anxiety during travel is essential to ensure a successful journey with your pet. Remember, every pet is different. What works for one might not work for another. Hence, identifying what’s best for your pet is essential when dealing with pet anxiety during travel.


As a pet owner, you want to make sure your furry friend stays safe while traveling. But you should also remember the basic safety rules, including the risks of distraction. Immediately work out safety rules that will help everyone to have fun. So, have a safe trip!

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