Benefits Of Online Vet Consultations For Your Dogs

Benefits Of Online Vet Consultations For Your Dogs

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Dogs make us cheerful when we are sad, they feel for us in our miseries, and they guard us against dangers, care for us every time, they like to play with us, like to have a walk with us, and because of this affection only, dogs are considered to be the best companions for humans since ancient days. In this blog, we inform you about the benefits of online vet consultations for your dogs.

It’s our responsibility to take care of them. When they are not well, when they get hurt or injured, or when they feel insecure, we need to consult a veterinarian. But in recent days, due to the busy schedule, people hardly get any time to drive to veterinarians. 

For immediate guidance, you can go for Online Vet Consultations, through which your vet can advise you on a quick prescription for any sort of illness. It saves your time too as you need not have to drive to a vet, every time your dog feels unwell. You can consult your vet from your home itself.

You may be thinking about what exactly online vet consultation refers to and how it benefits you, right?

So, let us dive into knowing more about online vet consultation and its benefits. 

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What Is Online Vet Consultation And What Is The Need For Online Consultation?

An online vet consultation is a video or audio conference between the vet and the client. It helps in getting a better understanding of your dog’s issue in a more convenient way. It also helps in post-operative follow-ups when people can’t drive immediately to pet clinics or if their location is much far away.

You must have to keep in mind that your dog may become anxious to visit a vet clinic. During the times when he/she is not feeling well, it will be a challenging task for you to take him/her out of your house. This is the time when online vet consultation can sort out your problems. If you have one-to-one sessions with experienced veterinary professionals, you can get answers to all your queries and can medicate your dog at home only.

Listed below are some of the benefits of consulting your vet online for your dogs.

1. Get Immediate Medical Attention

As pet parents, it’s our duty to make our dogs feel comfortable and happy as much as they can and we need to focus on even a smaller issue that will trouble them. Having scheduled appointments with an experienced vet, you can get medical attention for your dog quickly and promptly. It reduces your effort to travel to the vet clinic each time and wait in queues for longer times for getting help.

2. Stress-Free Consultations

It will be frustrating to wait for long hours in waiting rooms at hospitals for getting medications. Similar will be the situation for your dog, who will be unaware of the fact why he/she has been brought there which is crowded with other sick and scared animals. So, it will be better to have an online vet consultation which helps in keeping your dogs calm, stress-free and always in your company when they are not feeling good.

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3. Minimizes Infections

There are chances of getting infections for your dog when you are at crowded clinics or hospitals. However sanitized the hospitals/clinics may be, it will be hard to manage sometimes the consequences of infections from some contagious diseases, fleas or ticks. At the same time, online consultations provide you with quick medical aids in your dog’s own comfort zone and can stay away from the dangers of highly infectious animals at the vet’s clinic/hospital.

4. Saves Your Money And Energy

If you are having a busy schedule, then don’t have to worry about the meeting, planning, or travelling to a vet for a physical consultation. You can reach out to an expert 24/7, with just a click of a button from your phone. It saves your time, money and energy.

5. Don’t Have To Prepare Yor Dog For Going To The Clinic

Many dogs are not comfortable travelling to the vet, moving out of their comfort zone, being around other pets, or having a stranger examining them. An online consultation thus reduces the feeling of this uneasiness.

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6. Opt For Expert Vets Suitable For Your Dog

Consulting an expert for your dog is far better than self-medication through Google. An online vet consultation benefits you with choosing a suitable veterinarian for your dog, even away from your locality. The options are endless and you can get multiple healthcare services from different parts of the world as you want. 

An accurate diagnosis by a certified vet will heal your dog faster and better than unverified resources available online. You can consult either a gastroenterologist or a gynaec, an eye specialist or a dermatologist, a behaviourist or a nutritionist as per your needs and book a suitable specialist for an online consultation.

7. No Need For Prior Appointments

You don’t have to bother about getting immediate consultation when the clinics are closed and you don’t even have to book a prior appointment. An online vet consultation will help in resolving your dog’s issues by providing a simple home remedy, diet changes, exercises, medicines and supplements, or prescriptions.

8. Private And Secured Consultations

The online consultations will provide you with safe and secured support and privacy will be maintained along with the consultation details, digital prescription and other data. 

9. Educates You More About Your Dog’s Daily Needs

You can get a subscription to podcasts, webinars, blogs, newsletters, and much more with your online vet consultation. You can know more signs and symptoms of illness and also understand your pet’s daily needs.

10. Build An Opportunity To Connect With Online Pet-Parent Community

You can have the opportunity to become a member of an online Pet-Parent Community and connect with other pet parents. It involves a forum of FAQs, common concerns, and also knowledge about the experiences of other pet parents. You can share your views with each other and also can learn a lot and have the feasibility to interact with any of the pet-parent online. 

Final Thoughts

People are turning more towards online vet consultations in recent days and also are becoming more confident about it. 

Even though online vet consultation offers many convenience factors, it can’t replace a proper in-clinic visit. Sometimes, it is recommended to get a proper physical examination, diagnostic testing, or emergency treatment which is necessary and urgent.

But for certain minor issues, you can consult a vet online which will be faster, immediate and probably a time saver.

So, next time your dog is in need of a vet, give a thumbs up for online consultation and check how it works for you. You may be surprised to see the smooth and highly efficient services provided by online vet consultants.

Have you ever consulted a vet through online consultations? If so, share your experiences about the same and if not give it a try next time when your dog is not feeling well.

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