A viral video of a dog doing funny things to make toddler laugh will steal your heart

A viral video of a dog doing funny things to make toddler laugh will steal your heart

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There is no doubt that dogs are the most adorable creatures in the world. They are rightfully a man’s best friend and the most loyal companions. Kids love being around dogs as well. They feel safe and comfortable around dogs and thus love to play with them. We find various videos and pictures of dogs and babies spending time together, doing the rounds of the internet. And every time we see one such video, we are in awe of loads of cuteness in those videos and pictures.

Recently, one such video found its way on the internet and in no time went viral. This loveable video has been all over the internet making netizens smile from one ear to another.

This viral video is a 29 seconds video clip of a baby and a dog which was shared on Twitter by a profile handle named ‘hopkinsBRFC21’. But before being shared and going viral on Twitter, this video was shared on TikTok. Within a few hours of it being shared on TikTok with the caption ‘Happy Saturday,’ this viral video was garnered by tons of views and likes and comments from TikTok users.

Take a look at this much-talked-about video to understand what we have been gushing over.


In this viral video, the little baby is spotted sitting on the floor and playing with his toys. While the baby does so, the dog can be seen pulling off various antic tricks in order to entertain the child who was meticulously busy with his toys. Once the baby finally notices the tricks being performed by the dog, he cannot seem to stop laughing. He seemed to really enjoy the various tricks that the dog performed for him.

Netizens could not stop gushing over this viral video much like us, some commented that the video had made their day, while others said that it was the happiest thing they had seen that day. Well, touch on that.


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