A Viral Video of a Pet Dog Helping his Human Dad in Gardening is a Trending dog news on the Internet.

A Viral Video of a Pet Dog Helping his Human Dad in Gardening is a Trending dog news on the Internet

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We all know how much dogs love to get attention from their parents. From interrupting exercise sessions to complaining about work from home, there are many such instances recorded and posted on the various social media platforms.

How many of you have heard of dogs who take the special initiative to help his human dad in gardening?

A Twitter page “Welcome to Nature” has uploaded one such astonishing clip that has garnered worldwide praise and attention. Titled, “Good boy helping with gardening” the 15-second clip is the perfect example of how loving human and canine relationships can be.


The man who is all geared up to do some gardening, calls out for his dog to dig. As soon as the yellow lab got the order, it began to dig right at the designated spot. Once done, it is seen patiently waiting for his human dad to plant the sapling and call out for him to dig the next spot.

The hilarious and very unique video posted on August 20th, 2020 has garnered over 95 thousand views and has been retweeted over a thousand times. With hundreds of positive comments pouring in every hour, people can’t seem to be able to stop praising the dog and wanting to adopt it.

The post seems to have some of the most hilarious requests and comments that are certainly as entertaining, The star of the short video, the little brown dog seems to have become the global favorite as of now due to its comical behavior when it’s dad signals it to dig. In fact, he has been titled as “Good Boy”

Interestingly enough, though this is not the first instance of dogs helping his or her parents in various household chores, this was certainly an interesting line of assistance. The twitter page, however, did not share any information about the dog or its owner, so nothing is known about who the pair are and where they belong from.

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