Mumbai woman saved by a dog from being sexually assaulted in her apartmentMumbai woman saved by a dog from being sexually assaulted in her apartment

Mumbai woman saved by a dog from being sexually assaulted in her apartment

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Since the beginning of civilization, dogs have been one of the most loyal and loving companions of the human race. The Aztecs and Pharaohs have been known to keep dogs by their side at all times regardless of the fact that they had thousands of soldiers guarding them.

Dogs are born guardians and we all know it. Regardless of the breed and natural character traits, every dog has a tendency to become a fierce predator when they sense danger in and around their loved ones.

Time and again the loyalty and devotion of dogs have been captured in various documentaries and movies. While some are a slight exaggeration of reality, most are actual occurrences and incidents involving the portrayal of the protective instinct of a dog that shook the world.

Mumbai woman saved by a dog

Hachiko, Zanjeer, Togo, Maya,  Gander, Cairo, Shana are just some of the most iconic heroic dogs who changed the course of history by contributing to some of the most iconic life-saving moments with their fiercely brave and loyal mannerism.

The victim of the entire incident is a young widower who lived in Powai, Mumbai in a rented house. Aged at around mid 30’s she lived alone with her 7 yrs old daughter and dog, Her life involved taking care of her daughter and herself while working at a private company.

What she never realized was that she was constantly being followed and tracked by someone. 25 yrs old Sadar Alam wanted to befriend her but she rejected him right away. This rejection was not taken well by Sadar and thus began his silent and habitual stalking that the woman was not even aware of.

On the 27th of October, the victim was busy tending to her daughter on the mezzanine floor of her house when she heard her dog barking very loudly and frantically. She was certainly not prepared for the sight of a bare chest and only shorts-wearing Sadar standing right in her living room.

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