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Many online competitions run around on the internet and beyond. We had the ‘ice-bucket challenge’, the ‘try not to laugh challenge’, the ‘ghost pepper challenge’, or the ‘Kylie Jenner lip challenge’. More and more challenges and competitions are being hosted, especially this lockdown season whilst we are quarantined. Coronavirus may have taken a toll on us, but such activities keep us going. So as you were busy challenging your friends to hold a Netflix binge-watch competition of your favorite shows, the Kennel Club had something in store for you!

Competitions of humans are an old thing. The newest buzz around is pet challenges. Last week, the Kennel Club held a ‘Canine Selfie Competition’ last week. Participants had to submit their dog selfies and the results have been declared! With a whopping 39,000 entries being submitted to the Kennel Club as the competition was an online one, with contestants submitting their selfies to its ‘Cyber Crufts’ competition, the ‘top 10 dog selfies’ were released.

Ever thought Hector from ‘Iliad’ could click and win a selfie competition? Well, not the Greek warrior, but our adorable doggo Hector surely did! That’s right, this Hector has crowned the best canine selfie as the seven-month-old pup beat the 39,000 entrants and bagged the first position. 

Hector, the little seven-month-old Great Dane, won the top spot in the top 10 dog selfies. The Great Dane is owned by Lauren Draper of Stevenage, Hertfordshire. Draper snapped the selfie that was sent for the competition at their home in Stevenage, where Hector poses upside down and that’s too cute!

The second place is won by Brodie Bear, a six-month-old puppy of the Border collie breed. His selfie had the pup sticking up his nose right up to the camera as the owner clicked the picture and managed to pose like that until the snap session was over!

The Kennel Club was set up in 1873 and operates in the United Kingdom as the national register of pedigree dogs.

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