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Having a rough day as being locked down due to stay-at-home orders is creating a stressful environment for you? Don’t worry; the Guide Dogs Australia has been planning something for dog lovers all over the world!

As we gear up to mark the International Guide Dog Day due on 29th of April, which falls on Wednesday this week, Guide Dogs Australia has arranged a free Zoom call on the same day, as animal lovers can spend their lunch afternoon with adorable puppies on a video chat!

The Guide Dog Day which falls on April the 29th every year recognizes how these working guide dogs help and enable blind people to live an independent life and move around as the dogs assist the visually impaired people through the challenges.

The online registration desk has surged with people willing to register for the Wednesday lunch online meet with doggos. You can join the call here.  People have shown overwhelming response on the official Facebook event for the video call, as over 1,200 people have shown interest in the event. 

Golden Retrievers were the stars of a zoom call hosted by the Guide Dogs Australia. Credits: Guide Dogs

While celebrations every year typically involve a physical meet of the users and trainers, including the pup guides, this year’s festivities have been shifted from the offline usual session to an online celebration, as social distancing laws have limited community gatherings to just a mere number two.

A video meet has been scheduled for 29th April noon, where people can visually meet up with the guide dogs on the Zoom call. The star guest list of canines will include Zoom, a three-year-old guide puppy, christened such in honor of the video conferencing platform, which saw a sharp escalation since the pandemic as a large number of people are forced to work from home.

Whilst training programs have been brought to a halt due to the lockdown, trainers are unable to continue the skill acquiring sessions. Thus, volunteer trainers are now using online video call platforms to tutor the dogs.

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