A cloud in the shape of dog

“Dogs are Creatures of Heaven.” Hence, Proved!!

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As we keep pondering upon our day to day life good and bad deeds, do we ever think of where dogs go after they leave this planet?

Clouds are an everyday natural occurences that we don’t even consider watching. They take up various shapes and sizes that are only studied by climate experts to predict weather conditions. But what do you predict the weather would be like if the cloud decides to take the shape of a Pooch running at a fast pace?


Or how about a cloud that is shaped like your beloved labrador retriever waiting patiently for you to deliver his food?

Known for their fierce loyalty and immense love for humanity, there is no other animal as saintly as a dog and we all know it well. Their innocent eyes and brave character never fails to deter and perhaps that’s the reason even the almighty above us all has a placed fixed by his side that’s just for the dogs of this world to go to.

dog in cloud

You might think that these are completely fictional talks out of sheer emotions. But the sky already has a place for the “man’s best friend”. A rare yet familiar sighting of clouds shaped in form of Dogs have been known to appear all over the world, truly proving the fact that “they are creatures of heaven”


Dogs live for a very short time. But the 10 to 14 yrs spent with us, is often riddled with millions of memories that are always happy and loving ones. Their benevolent attitude and the desire to keep loving unconditionally without any expectations have often marvelled humanity beyond imagination.

dog heaven

So it is not a surprise to see them go to heaven after death. The clouds are a real depiction of how genuine and memorable this animal is. Many believe that shaping itself as a cloud is the final goodbye these voiceless animals wants to give to their loved ones.

Extremely emotional and heartbreaking, many such clouds have been recorded and captured by people all over the world, proving that these occurrences are not some mere accidents or natural phenomenon.

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