Dog Tries Her Best To Stay Up, What's She Watching

Dog Tries Her Best To Stay Up, What’s She Watching?

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Ever been in a situation where you can feel your eyelashes getting heavy with sleep but you can’t dare to fall asleep? Most of you must be imagining that boring lecture you have to attend. But what can be a dog’s reason to not fall asleep when his eyes can’t just stay open anymore? Here, take a look:

The cutie in the video has a cute name, Dolly. According to the owners who posted this pawsome video, they were sitting on the couch watching television when they found out their adorable pooch was trying her best to not fall asleep.

She bobs her head up and down several times and her struggle to not fall asleep gives the impression that she was trying her absolute best to enjoy the show on the TV. In the video, we can see Dolly even gets on the edge of falling down from the couch while trying to not fall asleep.

By the end of the video, Dolly gives up and goes to sleep just like a baby. In Dolly’s case, the reason for her trying to stay awake is totally for her to enjoy the show on the TV. But does your dog try to stay awake even when it’s his sleeping time? This can be a reason for her suffering from some health issues. Your dog’s insomnia needs to be taken care of to avoid serious conclusions.

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Before you freak out, sit calmly and think, is he a scared little pup suffering from juvenile anxiety, does he have food allergies, do you have common critters in your house, or does he have too much energy from sleeping most of the day?

As soon as you identify the issue, you can properly address it so that both of you can sleep in no time. You can try to keep its crate nearby your bed if your dog feels lonely. This way you’ll  reassure your dog of your presence. Consider it a temporary fix for the problem, as your dog will eventually grow out of it. If it needs to urinate, make sure to take him out right before you leave.

If you’re at work all day and there’s no one at home to keep your dog entertained, you could hire a pet sitter or a dog walker to keep your dog tired and provide companionship during the day. If you suspect your dog has a medical problem, the best thing you can do is take it to the vet and have your dog examined. And if it’s just an amazing TV show that your dog is trying to enjoy like Dolly, then don’t forget to upload the adorable video online!

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