‘Company Meeting’ Over Zoom With Two Dogs Goes Viral

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Given the current COVID-19 situation, Zoom calls and meetings have become a regular item on our routine. Recently, a zoom meeting was conducted by Andy Cotter with his dogs and the video has gone viral on social media. 

But why?

Well, Andy Cotters is a popular BBC Sports Commentator, and given that there are no sports events taking place now or anytime soon in the near future, he decided to hold a zoom meeting with his dogs to discuss their ‘performance’. 

The video has crossed over 4 million views and was uploaded earlier this week. Check it out and see what you think of this ‘company meeting’. 

‘The Company Meeting’

Cotter’s two dogs are Olive and Mabel, both Labradors. Cotter labels this meeting as the annual Lab report and goes on to talk about their performance over the past year and pressing matters that need to be acknowledged. 

Of course, the dogs are the least bit bothered about his monologue and they continue to mind their own business, by scratching themselves or by looking at the walls which seem more interesting than Cotter talking on the screen. 

Cotter is very disappointed in them as they have ruined several sofas and did not manage to catch even a single one of the 913 squirrels they had chased in the past year. As neither dog was interested to answer for this behavior, Cotter adds that ‘their lack of focus’ is another important concern to be addressed. 

This is not the first time Olive and Mabel have caught the public eye. Earlier last month, Cotter had uploaded a video with his commentary on a game that his dogs were playing. He titled the play session as ‘The Game of Bones’

Since then, he has regularly kept his followers updated about the day to day antics that happen in the Cotter household, leaving viewers wanting more! Maybe this kind of adorable content is what we need to get through these tough times! 

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