British Celebrity Model Demi Rose Poses in Just a White T-Shirt with Her Pet Dogs in Lockdown

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The global pandemic has left the world stranded at one spot. From business magnets to Hollywood celebrities, everyone is locked away within the four walls of their home. However, there is one starlet who seems to be rather very busy despite the gloomy world all-around when everything is at a standstill.

British model and influencer Demi Rose is busy tending to the two adorable pups at home. Keeping her constantly busy and working, the dogs seem to be loving the idea of having Demi exclusively to themselves finally

Looking radiant as ever in a loosely fitted white oversize t-shirt, Demi posted a happy picture of herself with her 2 adorable dogs. While her toy poodle seems to like the attention of the camera, her Dachshund seems oblivious to the lense and simply wanting to cuddle with Demi.

Demi aptly titled the Instagram story as, “How blessed are we to be able to have dogs.” Clearly showing her immense love for the canine species. Though Demi has been regularly updating her social media handles with numerous stunning photographs, these ones seem to have garnered more attention.

Addressing the entire Corona related situation worldwide, she has expressed her distress about the entire scenario and said she has been keeping herself busy tending to her dogs and meditating while self-reflecting about herself.


Interestingly enough Demi, lost both her parents within a span of 7 months last year and she often said that she never had time to grieve for them because of how busy her life was. The 25 yrs old beauty said that being around her dogs and spending these few days with herself has actually helped her cope with the incident finally.

She strongly believes that her dogs have been one of the main reasons why she could recover from the terrible mental ordeal sooner than other people. Demi has been in limelight for so long that this break has been a much-needed relief for herself. You can check her full interview amidst the lockdown at Dailymail.

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