Angels of Assisi Dog in ‘critical condition’ after found malnourished, tied to pole at park

Angels of Assisi: Dog in ‘critical condition’ after found malnourished, tied to a pole at the park

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Angels of Assisi witnessed the 7th incident of cruelty towards animals when they received their 7th victim on Monday. According to them, The dog was found in a critical condition after somebody abandoned her in Roanoke Park. She was suffering from multiple health issues and severe malnourishment.

They reportedly said that a female dog was brought in to them by Roanoke Animal Control after the animal control found the dog tied to a pole in the park.

‘She was found in a horrific condition. We wonder how anyone could leave her tied to a pole. We will do everything in our capacity to help her heal,’ Angels of Assisi posted on Facebook. Her kidney is vulnerable because of Lyme disease and she is severely malnourished. She is in an extremely critical situation.

Angels of Assisi’s medical team has helped her by setting her on IV fluids to help her kidneys. They are also giving her antibiotics and continuing their diagnosis.

The organization named the dog ‘Luna’ and reported that Luna was still critical but was found to be more alert. She even went outside to go to the bathroom but she is still unable to walk more without help.

The Roanoke police department’s spokesperson Caitlyn Cline told WFXR news that as of now, nobody has been charged for animal cruelty against Luna. However, the city’s Animal Wardens are investigating the incident.

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Luna is the 7th dog brought to Angels of Assisi who suffered from animal neglect and cruelty in the month of November itself.

Before on Nov. 4, ‘Jessie was brought to ’Angels of Assisi through Craig County Animal Control. Jessie was very underweight and had a serious skin infection. She had open wounds across her body.

Angels of Assisi said that they were taking special care of Jessie because of her condition. They will also try to find a forever home for her once she is healthy again. But even after 4 weeks, Jessie was still sick and getting the emergency veterinary and specialty services of Roanoke.

The Community Pet Clinic took 5 more malnourished, underweight dogs from Craig Animal Control on Nov. 9. They were 4 puppies and 1 dog named ‘Charlotte’.

According to Craig County Sheriff Lloyd Craddock, The five dogs were found after they responded to a report of an emaciated dog. It took 500 blocks of Hunters drive in New Castle to discover them.

Once they arrived at New Castle, they found 1 female dog along with four puppies, almost all were emaciated, had fleas and other serious health issues. They then transported the dogs to Angels of Assisi.

Angels of Assisi’s spokesperson Reynolds told that Charlotte was found to be anemic. She had a large wound on her back. She had several other wounds on her whole body. She also had a prior injury on her leg that did not heal correctly. It is still not known if these injuries were inflicted upon her by some person or were a result of her improper care. Charlotte was found to be the worst case of animal neglect and cruelty till now at Angels of Assisi.

Though they very soon found a foster mom for charlotte who wanted to adopt charlotte once she heals up. Charlotte is gaining weight and getting well day by day. Charlotte even got two furry brothers who are teaching her a few things about dog behavior. Charlotte even has her own Instagram account.

The four puppies who arrived with charlotte were also suffering from intestinal parasites. Also, the puppies were found to have parvovirus, but the shelter staff noticed it quickly, they isolated the puppies and started providing medical treatment to them. The puppies have healed now and growing day by day. Puppies are now enjoying themselves at their foster home and they will be available for adoption in the next few weeks.

The Craig County Sheriff’s Office says that animal cruelty charges have been pressed in connection with the treatment of Charlotte and the four puppies. The case is still ongoing and will be heard in the district court.

People have donated in generous amounts to Angels of Assisi to support their cause. Specifically, donors gave  $4490 for Luna, $890 for Jessie, $3443 for Charlotte, and $2115 for the four puppies.

If you also have any interests in helping these seven dogs to give them a second chance at life, you can contribute to the Biscuit Fund. It allows the organization to rescue, treat, rehabilitate and find loving homes for the ones who have faced cruelty and neglect can donate them.

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