A Puppy Born with FIVE legs has the internet Gushing with ‘AWW’!!

A Puppy Born with FIVE legs has the internet Gushing with ‘AWW’

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Nature has its ways of surprising us with its wonderful creations. And what’s more, with social platforms brimming with amazing talents and videos we get the access to experience the overwhelming amazement of Nature’s creation. In one such case, an incredibly cute and astonishing video of a unique American bulldog puppy with five legs has left the internet awe-struck.

With the Username Chanel No 5, which is a witty combination of the symbolism of the number 5 and an apparent tribute to the luxury brand, on the Social platform Instagram, the endearing videos of this lovely and unique pup have the netizens mesmerized and gushing with aww.

Besides the natural charm that every dog beholds, Chanel, an adorable and one-of-a-kind puppy has captivated the attention with its distinguishing fifth leg. Chanel puppy has an extra leg where anatomically the tail should be present. Furthermore, It even exhibits three pads and toes, making it even more authentic.

norcalbullybreedrescue Verified
Source: norcalbullybreedrescue/ Instagram

Chanel with its unique anatomy and functioning was admitted recently. She had a fever of 104. Blood tests reported elevated white blood cells from a urinary infection that also involved her kidneys. After hours of IV fluids and antibiotics ingestion, Chanel perked up, ate her formula, and strolled around.

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As of now, Chanel seems to be doing fairly well despite what appears to be a highly stressful position. However, her rescuer claimed that she had surrendered to the situation and it was only the vibes, support, and monetary donations that helped her come out of the situation. She further informed that they are now consulting some of the best surgeons to see what can be done.

The video of this unique and adorable pup was posted on Instagram by NorCal Bully Breed Rescue, a California-based non-profit organization. The video posted  ​​on July 31, 2021, has garnered over 37 thousand views and 160 comments.


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