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A Dog Speaks Like Humans. This Video Will Amaze You.

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Stella may be a dog, however, she is aware of a way to communicate. Her owner, Christina Hunger, is a medical doctor specialising in pathology in San Diego and has taught her Stella to ‘TALK‘ with the assistance of a custom-built keyboard. In this news, we inform you about a dog speaks like humans. this video will amaze you.

This keyboard consists of Twenty-Nine buttons for 29 words like “look”, “come”, “sit” and “outside”. Whenever Stella, the dog wants to say something, she pushes the corresponding button with her paw. She generally presses 4 to 5 buttons along to create a sentence.

With 478.8k followers and thousands of views on her video, she has become an online sensation for her Superb communication skills.

In this video, you can see Stella pushing the “look” button persistently, asking Ms. Hunger to inquire about the sound she heard coming from outside.

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This video has gone viral, making thousands of people go crazy. Fans are commenting “This is blowing my mind Bro!!” followed by “Look at this doggo and her mum.”

Stella always makes sure to grab the person’s attention before she speaks

She sometimes says ‘look’, waits for the person to look toward her then says her message.”

Christina Hunger figured out a unique way to help her dog speak like humans the words she is already aware of.

“Stella’s favourite button is ‘Outside’ as she presses that button most. She loves being outside.” Ms Hunger said in an interview with CNN.

So, What do you think of this ‘Talking dog’? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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