Twelve Years Of 26_11 And The Pawed Superheroes That Saved Us

Twelve Years Of 26/11 And The Pawed Superheroes That Saved Us

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Twelve years back, India saw an awful psychological oppressor assault, the worst nightmare with open eyes—one of the most exceedingly terrible to have ever happened—which extended over a time of four days and left over a hundred dead and a lot more hundreds gravely injured. During this time, the country saw some remarkable demonstrations of grit and magnanimity by security powers and non-military personnel individuals from the general public, who gambled with their own lives to spare others.

Notwithstanding, today, we won’t be talking about the fearless champions or offer accounts of survivors. All things considered, this is a tribute to the ‘pawsome’ group of four—Max, Tiger, Sultan, and Ceaser—all sniffer canines from Mumbai Police’s Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad, whose nose for explosives spared incalculable carries on with as well as rescued Mumbai from what might have been a misfortune of gigantic extents.

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Max was just a pup when he joined the Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad, and in a range of a year, he was enlisted to the crew subsequent to finishing his preparation in Pune. He was born in 2004. During the 26/11 assaults, it was Max who tracked down a dumbfounding take of 8 kg of RDX, 25 explosives, four detonators, metal rollers, and shrapnel, for which he was congratulated with a gold award by as a matter of fact entertainer Amitabh Bachchan.

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The valiant canine had likewise assumed an urgent part in discovering explosives at locales of 7/11 bombings in 2006 and 2011 Zaveri Bazaar impacts.

Sultan and Tiger were companions from youth and had cooperated for the Goregaon Unit of the Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad (BDDS). While both had helped in the 26/11 examinations and bomb recognition, Tiger was conveyed outside the Taj Mahal lodging in Colaba on the job after the assaults were contained.

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Last however not least is Ceasar, who like Max, was announced a legend after tracking down two hand explosives at the CSMT railroad station just as 8 kg of RDX from the Taj Hotel premises. He was additionally essential for the pursuit group at the Nariman House. Notwithstanding that, the textured kid was essential for the bomb-search activity in the 2006 train impacts and 2011 sequential impacts in Mumbai before. Procured when he was just three months old, Caesar was essential for the BDDS from 2005 to 2013.


Subsequent to serving for longer than 10 years, all the four canines resigned in 2015 and were received by Fizzaz Shah, a creature darling, and they inhabited a retirement home in Virar alongside numerous other salvage creatures.

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The era ended with Max’s death, who died because of old age on April 8, 2016. It was unfortunate to see the leftover three declining to leave Max’s grave after he was given a state funeral and let go enclosed by the tricolor. Such was their fellowship, that the rest three couldn’t deal with the deficiency of their companion and in a range of a half year, they additionally died. On June 18, Sultan surrendered to kidney disease at 11 years old and was incinerated directly close to Max.

The misfortune negatively affected Tiger, who had just been experiencing lung contamination, and he started indicating physical and mental decay. He inhaled his keep going on July 22, and his burial service was gone to by Ceasar, the last one from the posse, who sat close to Tiger and would not move. Caesar before long went into sadness and experienced numerous geriatric diseases. On October 14, at 13 years old, he followed his companions in the wake of experiencing a cardiovascular failure. He was given a state funeral as well. They are gone but will always be immortal in our memories.

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