Priceless Pets Adult Prom

Priceless Pets Adult Prom

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Priceless pets is thrilled to announce the adult prom where pet lovers and philanthropists are invited to come with all their energy and enthusiasm. The main attraction of the event is the fundraising program for homeless animals. Time to go back to high school. Give your zoophilic self a heartful dance. 

About the Priceless Pets event

The evening promises dance, drinks and appetisers. Take photos at the photo booth and drink at the full bar. Tighten up your belts and dust off your dresses for the first ever Priceless Pets Prom. Humans would gather up to talk about animals exhibiting the world in harmony with its living beings. 

Dress code

Dress up in your favourite look from any era – ancient, 70s, 21st century.

Eligibility of Priceless Pets Adult Prom

This is an adult human prom. No pets would be allowed but it will be all about pets. Adulthood requires you to be more than 18 years old with some dance moves in your being. An ID would be convenient if you want to get any alcoholic drinks. Also, the event promises appetisers, don’t bring food with you. It won’t be allowed inside. 

Sponsors of the Priceless Pets event

Great Dane Large, Puente Hills Subaru and Ufuria are proud sponsors of this fun philanthropic event.

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Date and Time

The event will be held on February 5, 2022 that would be a Saturday. Set your clocks on a reminder for 7:00-11:00 PM so that you don’t miss the event.


Chino Hills Community Centre

14250 Peyton Drive

Chino Hills, CA 91709

United States

Ticket price 

Single person ticket will cost you around $50 and a VIP table would be $800.

About the organisers

Priceless Pets is a pet rescue and rehabilitation not for profit organisation. They rescue pets from animal shelters who would have otherwise been euthanized. With their adoption centres in Chino Hills and Costa Mesa, they aim to save each animal one by one till they save all of them. 


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