Dog friendly event Explore nature with Camp Unleashed!!

Explore nature with Camp Unleashed!!

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Come out to enjoy the tranquil beauty of nature with your four-legged companion at Camp Unleashed – Camp Berkshires.

Camp’s motto: to grant you and your fur baby a blissful time of Canoeing together at the lake, meeting new friends, updating you with the latest on dog behavior and nutrition, and a fun howling time for the doggo’s around the campfire in the evening.

This dog-friendly event will commence on September 3 spanning for three days until September 6 at Camp Becket-Chimney Corners YMCA in Becket, MA, US.

Highlights of the event:

  • Camp Unleashed heartily believes in the idea that spending time in your canine’s natural world aids profoundly in rejuvenating the bond between you and your pooch. Therefore this event brings forth an opportunity to reduce stress and improve skills.
  • Availability of presentations and workshops for enlightening campers on the best ways to care for their four-legged buddies.
  • Several sports events, under the supervision of experts, in order to engage the furballs.
  • Availability of healthy and tasty meals for campers. However, you can bring your canine’s own food and store them in provided refrigerators.
  • Camp is open to dogs of all ages and breeds. Enjoy a joyous time meeting new dogs as well as other dog lovers.


  • Participation in sports or other camp activities is optional. Campers not interested in the same can enjoy a soothing time with fur buddies at the lake.
  • E-collars, choke or prong collars, Flexi-leads. Or chains are not allowed.
  • Friendly dogs, under the proper control of their parents, are heartily invited. However, aggressive dogs will be shown out in case of disturbance.
  • All camping canines are required to carry a certification of current rabies vaccination, along with a health certificate from a certified vet, within 30 days of camp.

The admission fee is variable, starting at $680.

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