Dog Groomers in South Delhi

Dog Groomers in South Delhi – That Smooth Sheen and Shine

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Pet showers us with an intense amount of love and faithfulness. For them, it’s just you and your family, nothing else. This time show your gratitude by giving them a thorough pampering session. Bring them to these Dog Groomers in South Delhi, who know their ways to keep that sheen and shine of your beloved pet. 

Whether it’s an entire pampering session or a simple grooming session, your dog deserves a relaxing time. And sure, after those long fetching sessions and cuddling, they might need one! 

What Services Can a Grooming Center Provide?

There are many services you can look forward to for your pet, like:

  • Nail clipping
  • Bathing
  • Ear care
  • Hair trimming
  • Hair brushing
  • Manicure
  • Aromatherapy baths

1. Red Paws Pet Spa

The Red Paws Pet SPA is a well-known Dog groomer in South Delhi for their excellent work as an NGO and feel-like-home treatment. 

They provide a variety of services, including Bathing and Conditioning, ear and eye cleaning, manicures, and nail trimming. The benefits are Top notch. 

With their calm, hygienic, and international standards, your pup is coming out HAPPY, and your decision is worth it. 

With every purchase from their store, some percentage of that buy goes to charity. So there’s a WIN-WIN.

WHEREHauz Khas village, Delhi

2. Scoopy Scrub

One of the city’s most prestigious pet salons, Scoopy Scrub, offers services including pet hygiene, aromatherapy baths, medicinal baths, hair coloring, and essential grooming, to mention a few. With their hospitality, they make the best Dog Groomers in South Delhi.

You don’t have to go to their place, don’t worry, they also provide pickup and drop-off options as well as home grooming services. 

Even Pet Food, accessories, and air travel kennels in a wide range of local and international varieties are available at Scoopy Scrub.

WHEREDDA market, Neeti Bagh

3. Pawfect Pets

Pawfect Pets give services like De-shedding, de-matting, baths, Nail Trimming, ear cleaning, styling, and whatnot. They accomplish a great job in providing professional and passionate services. 

Besides their professional and friendly approach, you can shop from their store. They sell everything a dog owner might need. 

WHEREDDA market, Neeti Bagh

4. Wiggly Pups

If you are looking for some affordable Dog Groomers in South Delhi, you must visit Wiggly Pups. 

With an excellent friendly and professional staff, wiggly puppies give you services like-

  • Bath, 
  • anti-tick treatment, 
  • teeth cleaning, 
  • ear cleaning, 
  • massages, and much more. 

They have reasonable and pocket-friendly packages, which who wouldn’t like? 

You can give them a call and Schedule an Appointment. Give those paws a well-deserved massage. 

WHEREParyavaran Complex, Saket

5. PK Pet Shop and Clinic

Get a whole pet care experience under one roof with PK pet shop and clinic. You can get your pooch a full grooming and spa session here along with Vet care if needed. With affordable and reasonable charges, it’s a must-try stop.

WHEREMalviya Nagar

6. Pet Lovers Hut

In hot weather and hustling life, surely your dog will love to take a swim. Reward them by taking them to a Pet lover’s hut. 

With dedicated staff and a healthy, clean environment, the Pet Lover’s Hut makes sure that the pampering session is worth it. 

Along with grooming and a spa, they also have a Boarding Facility and a big pool for your pooch to take stock of. 

Your buddy is going to thank you after a long session here!

WHERE8th Ave Bandh road, Chattarpur 

7. Dogs Paradise

With a healthy, calm environment and professional staff, Dogs Paradise treats your pets as their very own. 

They have an experienced staff who will Care for Your Pets’ needs.

How about painting your dog’s paw nails? Cool, isn’t it?

  • They do everything 
  • Hair cuts,
  • Baths,
  • tick treatment, 
  • brushing  
  • And yes! Nail paints. 

Book their services now and see your pet glow.

WHERESafdarjung Enclave, New Delhi,

8. Pet Groomer at Home

Too busy to Groom your Pet? Take help from the fantastic home service by Pet Groomer at Home.

They try to give the best service in your homely environment. You ask for baths, brushing, and haircuts, and they will do it all.

WHERESaket, Delhi 110017

9. Canine Care

Shop everything under one roof. Providing you with the best Dog grooming experience in South Delhi, Canine Care is a one-stop destination for all Pet care

They provide you with

  • Ear cleaning
  • Nail clipping
  • Bath
  • Blow drying
  • Conditioning

With 15+ years of experience, they know how to make your pet happy. 

WHEREShivalik Main Road, Delhi

One of your dog’s fundamental necessities and a crucial aspect of dog ownership is grooming. Dogs, like people, require physical care to maintain their best appearance and well-being.

Thankfully, dogs don’t need to be bathed as frequently as people do, but you still need to know how much grooming your dog needs and establish a routine for it.

A dog’s grooming requirements often depend on its breed, hair type, way of life, and health.
Not sure where to begin when looking for a pet groomer for the first time?

Hurry! Go Book Your Pup an Appointment with One of These Dog Groomers in South Delhi and Give Your Pooch That Long-Awaited Relaxing Session. a Clean Pup Is the Happiest Pup.
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