Best Family Dog Breeds That Make You Feel at Home

Best Family Dog: Breeds That Make You Feel at Home

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Dogs, regardless of breed, have personalities and peculiarities. Children’s demands, energy levels, and personalities differ as well.

When picking from the finest dogs for kids and introducing a new pet to your home, regardless of which breed you focus on, it’s crucial to employ common sense.

When it comes to adding a dog to your family, it’s vital to include everyone in the decision-making process, including the children.

Your living situations, schedule, activity levels, and money may all influence how you pick your new furry buddy. If you’re adopting from a shelter or rescue organization, the staff can assist you to choose pets who are a suitable match for you.

When you bring a new pet into the family, make sure to give continuous, positive training for your new addition.

What Should One Consider Before Getting a Family Dog?


Make sure your family’s circumstances are compatible with the size of your new pet.


Some dogs like running and roaming; others would gladly forego fetch in exchange for sofa cuddling. Naturally, the finest dogs for families may differ based on the family.


Dogs have a variety of personalities, and your pet should blend in seamlessly with your family.

Requirements for Care:

Have you considered grooming? Who is going to walk the dog? Before you commit to that lovely furry face, think about your possible pet’s demands and whether or not your family can provide them.

What are the Best Family Dog Breeds?

1. Poodle


Apart from its distinctive hairdo, the Poodle is an intelligent and sociable dog. The breed is elegant, dignified, sympathetic, loyal, and rarely irritated or bored.

Poodles are available in both miniature and standard sizes, letting you choose the Poodle size that best matches your needs. Because they don’t shed much, they’re ideal for children with allergies, making them one of the best family dog breeds.

Each breed comes with its unique set of benefits. The Standard Poodle, for example, is a breed that is obedient, clever, lively, and adventurous. 

Despite their reticence towards strangers, they get along well with people and children they know.

2. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

A list of best family dog breeds is incomplete without the mention of the Golden Retriever.

The Golden Retriever is a self-assured, intelligent, loving, and loyal dog. The Golden Retriever is neither aggressive nor timid, and they are exceedingly tolerant, making them an ideal companion for children.

While the Golden Retriever requires a lot of exercises, they also like playing (retrieving activities are their favorite—for example, your Golden may enjoy playing with frisbees).

The energetic Golden Retriever is often also kind and obedient, guaranteeing that your children will fall in love with him right away.

Brushing their lovely golden coats twice a week is essential to maintain them in good condition.

3. Boxer


You’ll never be alone again if you adopt a boxer as a part of your family.

These lively, medium-sized dogs are fiercely devoted and protective of the people they love, with calm dispositions yet a desire to play, making them one of the best family dog breeds for high-energy children.

They require a lot of activity but be careful not to overwork them in hot weather.

4. Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel

Cocker spaniels are sweet, lively, and trustworthy dogs who make excellent all-around companions. 

They are great playmates for kids, active kids who want to burn off some energy with this enthusiastic canine.

Cocker spaniels love to run outside in all weather, so keep the rain boots by the entrance. 

These canines have a strong desire to please and are ready to learn. They also make excellent greeters, waving their tails wildly as they eagerly welcome their owners home.

5. Irish Setter

Irish Setter - Best Family Dog

The Irish Setter, known for its red coat, is a cheerful and active dog who enjoys being around people and gets along well with youngsters.

Indeed, this breed loves being with their family so much that they loathe being alone, therefore, they’re at their finest when they’re with them.

This dog demands a lot of exercise and is a great match for busy kids.

The Irish setter is a clever and trainable friend who is ideal for folks who have a yard, and they’re also fantastic at meeting new visitors that come into your house.

6. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador retriever makes a fantastic family dog thanks to his happy-go-lucky, tail-wagging nature. 

The sturdy, enthusiastic pooch loves to exercise, making him a good fit for active kids and families eager to run, jump, swim and play fetch with this lively pup.

This fun-loving, protective breed can grow to 80 pounds, so make sure he has plenty of space to roam and play. Labs like to engage so teach this playful pup a new trick or two.

7. Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise - Best Family Dog

These low-shedding tiny bundles of hair are among the most sociable dogs on the globe and one of the best family dog breeds. 

The bichon frise is a wonderful companion for active youngsters since it is kind, friendly, and lively.

8. Beagle

Beagle - Best Family Dog

The Beagle is a fantastic breed for families because of its tiny size (they may easily be carried!) and quiet disposition.

Beagles were hunting dogs in earlier days, and because of their strong frame, they are never too weary to play games. 

If your children like being outside, this breed will suit them well because nothing makes them happier than being outside and exploring the paths.

The Beagle is a clever, happy, and joyous dog that gets along with other animals in most cases. Because they shed, brushing the coat and washing on a regular basis is important.

The most important questions to ask yourself before getting a dog:

  • Is the dog suitable for all family members?
  • What is the dog’s energy level?
  • What kind of care will the dog need?
  • Will this dog get along with the other animals in the house?
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