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Exploring the World of Best Dog Breeds For Condo & Apartment Living.

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Find the best dog breeds for apartment living.

Dwelling in Apartments in no way means that you can’t enjoy the ecstatic experience of owning a Dog. Exploring the best dog breeds for apartment can be a tricking deal. Particularly due to various limitations and factors. 

The space size, area, and canine adaptability become essential factors in figuring out what sort of canine aligns best with living in apartments. However, lucky for dog lovers everywhere, with a wide range of canine breeds to choose from there is a load of incredible choices for you. 

What’s more, irrespective of your lifestyle, there is sure to be a four-legged companion that can fulfill the role you want while still living comfortably in apartments.

But before we launch into the discovery let us understand what sets these apartment-friendly pooches apart from other dogs. Well, to begin with, let us understand that the definition of ideal apartment-friendly Dogs differs from person to person. Where some prefer a quiet pooch happy living in a small space, others may look for a furry companion that can go out and be active with them on weekends, without feeling cramped or sad during the workday. 

However, the general deciding factors include, small in size, polite and quiet or laid back, low shedding, etc. Remember the crucial thing while selecting an apartment-friendly companion is to choose one compatible with your lifestyle. 

With that in mind, check out the rundown of the Best dog breeds for apartments.

1. Bichon Frise

Bichon Frises, dog breeds for apartment
Bichon Frises are excellent with kids and other pets.

Picture Credit: Jonathan Day/Flickr

Bichon Frise is a group of small yet sturdy, non-sporting dog breeds, which is rated among the world’s greatest personality dogs. In fact, these canines are amiable, cute, charming, and intelligent little packages. 

Bichon Frise is an absolute people pleaser and thereby makes wonderful apartment dogs. And what’s more, the fervent confidence and size of these pooches contribute to them being ideal city dogs. 

Bichon Frises are excellent breed for homes with kids. They train pleasantly, enthusiastically and appreciate performing for their friends and family. At long last, there’s the ecstatic Bichon character that draws grins and embraces any place they go.


  • Group: Non-sporting
  • Avg. Height: 9.5-11.5 inches
  • Avg. Weight: 12-18 pounds 
  • Life expectancy: 14-15 years 
  • Typical characteristics: Alert, hypoallergenic, easy to train, intelligent, loyal

2. French Bulldog

French Bulldogs, dog breeds for apartment
French Bulldogs, also known as “Frenchies”.

Adorable, amicable, and outright playful, the French Bulldogs, also known as “Frenchies”, are recognized as wonderful apartment dwellers. The barking streak in these canines is comparatively low. 

Additionally, they are quite low on exercise requirements as well. Owing to their playful disposition French Bulldogs generally coexist well with outsiders and children. And If that wasn’t already enough a brisk walk is all that these canines need to exercise their muscles. Also, the shedding level is low in Frenchies.

However, it is important to note that French Bulldogs don’t fare well in extreme temperatures, particularly heat. In case you decide to go for these lovely dogs, remember to employ them with proper air-conditioning in order to keep them comfortable. 


  • Group: Non-sporting
  • Avg. Height: 11-13 inches
  • Avg. Weight: under 28 pounds
  • Life expectancy: 10-12 years 
  • Typical characteristics: playful, low barking tendency, affectionate, adaptable

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3. Great Dane

Great Danes dog breeds for apartment
Great Danes show a friendly disposition.

Picture Credit: E’Lisa Campbell/Flickr

Shocked right? Well, it is difficult to digest that these giants make brilliant pets for apartments, however, it’s true!! 

A group of working dogs, Great Danes show a friendly disposition, they are patient and do not require a lot of exercises. Great Danes undoubtedly, are the epitome of elegance and balance with the smooth and simple pace of born aristocrats. 

These charming canines can cheerfully chill out the entire day relaxing on the sofa. Therefore if you are looking for a four-legged companion to hang out with then these majestic dogs are your ideal match. 

However, despite their sweet temperament, Great Danes are smart and alert dogs. In fact, the mere sight of these gentle giants is often enough to make invaders think twice. Patients with children, Danes are quite a people pleaser.  


  • Group: Working
  • Avg. Height: 28 to 32 inches
  • Avg. Weight: 110 to 175 pounds
  • Life expectancy: 7 to 10 years 
  • Typical characteristics: affectionate with family, alert, smart, good guards 

4. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus settled quite happily in modest digs as well
Shih Tzus settled quite happily in modest digs as well

Originally procreated for living in Chinese palaces, Shih Tzus settled quite happily in modest digs as well. In fact, What’s more, qualified to live in apartments than a toy dog breed? 

Though the long streaming coats of Shih Tzus might be high-maintenance, however, their gentle dispositions and loving qualities make the extra grooming efforts worth it.

 In spite of the fact that they are generally frightened by outsiders, Shih Tzus are quite comfortable in their space and simply adore cuddling with their hoo-man. 


  • Group: Toy 
  • Avg. Height: 9 to 10.5 inches
  • Avg. Weight: 9 to 16 pounds
  • Life expectancy: 10-18 years 
  • Typical characteristics: affectionate, playful, outgoing   

5. Greyhound

The Greyhound is a breed of noble
The Greyhound is a breed of noble, sweet-tempered, confident, and gentle dogs

Listed amongst the fastest dog runners of dogdom, the Greyhound is a breed of noble, sweet-tempered, confident, and gentle dogs. They are an exemplary European variety that is adorned by canine-lovers worldwide. 

These fast runners of the Canidae family are considered “mellow house dogs” according to the American Kennel Club. Greyhounds really don’t need a great deal of activity past the normal run in the canine park to consume their energy. They’re brilliant and simple to train. Furthermore, the independent disposition of these canines makes them more suitable for single-pet families. Dog breeds for apartment


  • Group: Hunting  
  • Avg. Height: 27 to 30  inches
  • Avg. Weight: 60 to 70  pounds
  • Life expectancy: 10-13 years 
  • Typical characteristics: agile, loyal, independent, easy to train 

6. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most popular breeds
Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most popular breeds

In case you are looking out for a small pooch with a big personality this one is your perfect match. Full of zeal and affection, Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most popular breeds, particularly in urban households. 

Absolutely affectionate towards their family, these tiny little packages are also known to make wonderful little watch guards. Yorkshire Terriers’ energy levels can be met with everyday strolls. These pooches are hypoallergenic. What’s more, being a low shedding dog breed, you will be saved from continuous vacuuming. They are the perfect choice for all neat wits. 


  • Group: Toy 
  • Avg. Height: 7 to 8  inches
  • Avg. Weight: 7  pounds
  • Life expectancy: 11 to 15 years 

Typical characteristics: easy to train, Sprightly, affectionate

7. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are quite famous for their good behavior

Last on this list is a delicate variety that simply loves being around its family. In fact, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are quite famous for their good behavior. And who can resist that adorable face? These members of the Canidae family make excellent apartment dogs and are categorized as toy dogs; a group of perfect apartment dwellers. 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are easygoing and loving with people and other pets. Daily exercise and weekly brush-down are necessary for them and therefore should be scheduled accordingly. Dog breeds for apartment


  • Group: Toy 
  • Avg. Height: 12 to13 inches
  • Avg. Weight: 13 to18  pounds
  • Life expectancy: 12 to 15  years 
  • Typical characteristics: gentle, charming, affectionate, graceful

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