6 Gentle Large Mixed Dog Breeds

6 Gentle Large Mixed Dog Breeds

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When it comes to man’s best friends, those who choose to own a larger breed enjoy the energy, love, and size their dogs bring to their home. If you’re considering owning an oversized canine but want a mixed breed, you want to choose a dog that has the best personality, characteristics, and health for you and your family. Whether you live in the country or a more urban setting, countless large mixed dog breeds will provide a lifetime of love, are amazing with children, and can even provide additional support for families with special needs. 

To get your search started on the right foot, below is a list of the top six large dog breeds famous for their gentle natures and loving hearts.

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1. Sheepadoodle


One of the most endearing aspects of owning a sheepadoodle is it is super fluffy and reminds one of a cute plushie that is alive and full of energy.

This large dog is a wonderful combination of a poodle and an Old English sheepdog. You’ll also love that they don’t shed very much and are extremely friendly companions. 

When considering Sheepadoodle puppies for sale, remember that their mature size, coat, and personality can change.

Also, find out if the poodle side of this breed it came from was a toy, standard, or miniature. This will have a dramatic impact on its adult size. 

2. Shepsky


If you love the majestic look of wolves but want to avoid the wild experience of owning your own, consider a Shepsky.

These gentle pooches are bred by mixing a Siberian Husky with a German Shepherd, which results in a wolf-like appearance that so many admire.

With their fluffy coat, these giant dogs don’t look nearly as heavy as they weigh but are prepared for a lot of brushing since they shed profusely.

This dog has gained popularity because of its loyal nature and energy, families that live an active lifestyle will find these to be amazing companions. 

3. Labradoodle


It should come as no surprise that Labradoodles made this list. This mixed breed results from having a labrador and a poodle as parents. The end result?

A curly-coated canine that has equal parts lovability and intelligence. not only is it one of the most sought-after breeds because of the hypoallergenic nature of its fur, but many owners prefer this pooch’s boisterous play. 

4. Rotterman

Rotterman - Mixed Dog Breeds

Do you love the large and loyal nature of Rotties but also want a dog with the intelligence and brave characteristics of a Doberman?

Meet the Rotterman, the best of both worlds! This particular mix carries the personality you love about these two breeds and has a build that falls between stocky and sleek.

Most of these canines have a black-and-tan coat though you might find a few with a more liver appearance, depending on their parents. 

If you opt for one of these, your pup may tend to favor the appearance of one breed over the other, but they possess a great capacity for training as puppies. 

5. Goldador 

Goldadar - Mixed Dog Breeds

If you want a larger canine that loves to play and exercise alongside you, look no further than the Goldadar.

This is a fantastic mixed breed dog resulting from a Golden Retriever and Labrador. Its coat is often longer, so you can expect regular grooming, however, there isn’t much else to worry about when owning one of these adorable pooches. 

When considering one of these puppies, make sure to have the plan to address the higher level of energy these dogs have to prevent your favorite furniture or belongings from getting destroyed out of boredom.

6. German Sheprador

German Sheprador - Mixed Dog Breeds

When you have two amazing dog breeds that everybody loves, there will be a mix of the two. The German Sheprador is the result of breeding a German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever.

This union has created an amazing large breed animal that offers the friendliness labs are famous for and the intelligence of shepherds, making them great learners. 

You can expect their coat to shed regularly, however, they make up for this with their loving and attentive nature, making them excellent family pets.


One of the biggest decisions a family makes when choosing a larger dog breed to add to their household is deciding which to get.

You have to consider the personality traits, upkeep, and overall size of the animal compared to your home’s living environment and activity level. 

This decision should be taken seriously since larger dogs like Sheepadoodles have the energy to burn. Be honest with yourself about your commitments and how your family will adjust to having a new pet to take care of every day.

By laying this foundation before bringing your new dog home, the transition will go much smoother for both you and your new pup.

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