5 Best Dog Trainers in Gurgaon That Dogs Madly Love!

5 Best Dog Trainers in Gurgaon That Dogs Madly Love!

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In 1927, Dorothy Harrison Eustis, an American dog breeder, and trainer living in Switzerland, wrote an article for ‘The Saturday evening post’ about a dog guide program in Germany where dogs were trained to help German veterans who lost their eyesight in the War. In this blog we provide 5 best dog trainers in gurgaon that dogs madly love!

Morris Frank lost one eyesight in a childhood accident and the other in a boxing match during his 16s and heard about the program from his father. 

They wrote and challenged Eustis to train a dog that could help with walking. Eustis accepted the challenge and invited Frank to arrive in Switzerland. 

The same year after the training, Frank returned to the United States with Buddy, A gorgeous female German Shepherd who was trained to guide him. 

Together they logged 50,000 miles and were featured in a 1936 interview with the New York Times, where Frank spoke a lot about their adventure and his work for the visually impaired. 

Sadly Buddy passed away, and Frank had no option but to replace her with another dog he called ‘The replacement buddy’. Their bond was truly unbreakable. 

Dogs miraculously support humanity, but only if they are trained correctly. Things can really become inconvenient if your dogs lack training. 

Hence you need to take care of their activities at a very young age. If you are from Delhi and Gurgaon, Lucky for you, I have found a list of 5 Magical Dog trainers that your dogs will fall in love with! 

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Let’s get started! 

5 Best Dog Trainers in Gurgaon 

1. ARD Pet Hospital 

ARD Pet hospital is incorporated in the year 2019; the well-known establishment acts as a one-stop destination helping customers with their needs of medical assistance, training, or walking their pets. 

Customer satisfaction is the most essential ingredient for them as their products and services have helped this establishment grow and get a vast base of customers in Gurgaon and across India. 

AddressSector 56, Gurugram, Haryana 122011

2. Bath ‘n’ Biscuit

One of the best places for Dog grooming and training is ‘Bath n Biscuit’ located at Gurgaon. The timings you can visit or book an appointment are 

AddressSahara Mall., Gurgaon, Haryana 122022

3. Kiga

KIGA is another fabulous dog trainer available in Gurgaon that teaches your dog 5 essential types of training required for your dog’s growth. 

Address3043 Sector 57

4. The FurLife Pet Hospital

The VETs and the trainers for the fussiest patients. Their aim is to enrich the lives of people and animals in their care. 

Address 1508 Sector 46, Gurugram, Haryana

5. Vet4pet Gurugram

The clinic offers a wide range of VET and training services, including routine consultation, vaccination, and surgery. 

Address3162 near Amity international school


Conclusion of Dog Trainers in Gurgaon

Dog training can be simple or complex depending on what activity you would like your dogs to have. Basic training like sitting, standing, and lying down is excellent, but dog training can go much deeper than just the basics. 

Dogs are highly intelligent creatures that are able to learn a variety of different jobs and tricks. Every dog trainer has a unique style of their preference. They conduct 8 different types of training for the dogs. 

  1. Obedience dog training 
  2. Behavioral dog training 
  3. Tracking training 
  4. Therapy training 
  5. Agility and Strength training 
  6. Service training 
  7. Guard training 
  8. Retriever training 

Everyone says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but it really depends on the training sessions and on the dog. You can train dogs of any age to perform all sorts of tasks and can also train them specifically for certain skills that will make them excellent helpers in many fields.

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