Affordable Dog Training Packages in Delhi NCR

5 Massively Affordable Dog Training Packages in Delhi NCR

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“Great Dog Trainers have broad skills, not inflexible ideologies” – Ralf Weber. 

A human’s best friend always manifests their solidarity and infinite loyalty. Many dog stories convey how they give their life for their owners.

If you watch many animal videos on your phone, you will realize that your pet is capable of remarkable creativity and mindfulness. 

But Did you know? With the proper training, your dog can become the hottest internet sensation after Taylor swift! 

Dogs can perform marvellous tasks or save humans from catastrophic dangers like – 

Austin Forman, an 11-year-old boy, was playing in his backyard when a dangerously aggressive cougar suddenly charged at him out of nowhere.

Realizing that there is no one to protect the little boy, the ferocious animal intended to kill him and make him its dinner. 

Before he could react, Angel, an 18-month-old Golden retriever, leapt in front of Austin to fight off the deadly animal, and they engaged in a fight where the dog was seriously injured, the family called 911.

The police officers put the cougar down, preventing the wild animal from causing any more harm. 

The brave dog was fully recovered days after the attack and now happily lives with the family and in the care of Austin, who is now assured he always has a guardian angel by his side. 

Affordable Training Packages

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Angel’s family claim that the protection training they gave her when she was a pup helped her tackle the attacker and other threats in her life. 

Training is an essential part of owning a dog and can benefit your little pups in many ways.

If you are a dog owner in Delhi NCR, you have landed a jackpot; we’ve found a list of 5 Crazy Dog training packages at Monkoodog that will blow your mind. 

You do not want to miss this! 

1. Basic Obedience Training Starting At Rs749 Per Session
Basic Obedience Training Starting At Rs749 Per Session

It helps a pet to know its role in its respective family; the training helps to teach them the most required skills. 

This type of training is meant to prepare your dogs for social situations. 

If you want to keep your dog under control during certain conditions, then this is the proper training for them. It includes basic commands such as 

  1. Come and leave 
  2. Sit and Stand 
  3. Drop the object 
  4. Lie down 
  5. High-five 
  6. Potty training 
  7. Bark 
  8. Run 
2. Basic + Advanced Obedience Training Starting At Rs699 Per Session
Basic + Advanced Obedience Training Starting At Rs699 Per Session

Basic + Advanced Obedience training is an extension of the basic level training where your pet is exposed to more advanced types of training like 

  1. Greet 
  2. Eat on their owner’s orders
  3. Walk without a leash 
  4. Roll Over 
  5. Chase 
  6. Bring an object back to you 
  7. Adjusting their comfort in a car 

The training ensures that your dogs act calmly even during a new stressful situation and behave and follow commands more precisely. You can opt for either or both of the training. 

3. Puppy Socialization Training Starting At Rs799 Per Session
Puppy Socialization Training Packages Starting At Rs799 Per Session

Training a puppy is the most challenging task for a trainer since they are too young to understand anything; hence a professional trainer must teach them all the skills and tricks to kickstart their dog career.

These types of training require a lot of patience and politeness in their way; They help your pup to learn – 

  1. Recognize their name after being called out 
  2. Socialize with other pets and humans 
  3. House manners
  4. Potty training 
  5. Leash walking 
  6. Identify threats 
  7. Street walking without a leash

The foundation of this training should be based on positive reinforcement and rewards that help to encourage the behaviour you want, like getting extra payment; if you complete the work successfully, it motivates your pup to develop a habit without making it forceful. 

Avoid any kind of punishment such as a leash or yelling at them for disobeying you. Is it essential to remember that we can’t expect dogs to know what they don’t know? 

4. Behavior and Aggression Modification Training Starting At Rs1299 Per Session
Behavior and Aggression Modification Training Starting At Rs1299 Per Session

Most techniques involved in such training are not hard to learn and can be successfully used as preventive techniques. 

Trainers also suggest that they do not need a regular investment of time and effort. 

Having an aggressive dog is inconvenient for their owners and other people around them as handling your furry friend in public can be difficult; Monkoodog makes sure to get you the right trainer for this role who helps your dog to learn – 

  1. Managing Separation Anxiety 
  2. Guarding an asset or a resource 
  3. Reduction of stress/Fear/Anxiety 
  4. Reduction of Excess Barking
  5. Inappropriate Urination 
  6. Reducing your dog’s aggression level
5. Guard Dog Training Packages Starting At Rs1299 Per Session
Guard Dog Training Packages Starting At Rs1299 Per Session

Do you walk alone at night? Do you need furry protection? According to the US Army Field Manual, an attack dog cannot befriend anyone but its prime handler. 

Dogs are excellent guards that will protect you and your house with their life. 

Monkoodog provides a trainer that helps your dog with guard/protection training; it helps our dog the skills required to be a brilliant Guard dog. 

The dog must have certain natural traits, including courage, suspicion of strangers, confidence, and even some independence. 

The Guard dog training includes – 

  1. Personal Protection Training 
  2. Home protection 

Conclusion of Dog Training Packages in Delhi NCR

As a dog parent, it’s confusing to understand why dog training is essential; It’s very similar to “We teach our children good manners and the right way to behave in public,” so why don’t we do the same with our dogs? 

Your dog needs to go through the training process; it helps them to 

  1. Understand their safety and enjoy their freedom responsibly.
  2. Enrich their minds
  3. Socialize with other beings 
  4. Discipline them 
  5. Communicate with humans in a better manner 

To summarise, the types of training Monkoodog has in their vault for Dog owners in Delhi are 

  1. Basic Obedience Training 
  2. Advanced Level Obedience Training 
  3. Puppy Training 
  4. Behaviour and Aggression Modification Training 
  5. Guard dog training 

Our dogs should bring us joy, companionship, and a sense of pride. Ensuring your dog is trained correctly is the responsibility of every dog owner – not just for your dog’s welfare but also for your peace of mind as well. 

No matter its age, breed, gender, or temperament, every dog can benefit from the little instructions from its trainer’s mouth. 

What do you think? Did you love the packages from Monkoodog? You can get in touch with us for more details and avail of mouth-watering discounts! 

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