Some Common Dog Behaviour Problems And Solutions

Dogs have an insatiable need to dig. You must stop them while they are digging, not after they have completed their work. Provide them with a sandbox in which to play.

Barking is not a harmful habit in dogs; but it is seen as one of the most common dog Behaviour problems that they start barking on a regular basis for no apparent cause, this becomes a severe issue.

Chewing is a necessary Behaviour for most dogs but excessive chewing is a problem that can quickly escalate into a Behaviour problem if your dog causes damage.

Separation anxiety is a disease that most dogs are prone to. Start training them for that from the very initial stages.

Put a stop to this activity as soon as you notice it as they might start doing it frequently otherwise. Dogs pull to get where they are going. 

Jumping might be their way of showing excitement but not everyone wants to be greeted that way. You can correct such Behaviour if you do not pay attention in the initial stages.

Biting shows that your dog is constantly scared of its surroundings. The best way to help them get over it is by slowly introducing them to newer settings so that they eventually get comfortable with the idea.