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Top 12 Ways To Make Money From The Dog Industry

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If you have ever wondered if you can make money or run a business related to dogs, then the answer is a big, Yes! The dog industry opens a wide range of profitable possibilities for you and as you know, dogs are the most popular pets and there are a lot of unique and easy ideas for making money with them. 

How to Make Money with a Dog Business

Here’s a list of 12 popular ways through which you can profit from dogs. 

Dog getting brushed

Dog Groomer

Just like how you require periodical trips to the salon, dogs need their share of self-care and pampering as well! Dog grooming services are becoming common and successful nowadays. If your town or locality has plenty of dogs and no grooming service, then start one now!

You can offer a range of services from regular packages that include bathing and brushing coat and teeth to advanced packages that include manicures! You can take walk-in appointments or even arrange for these services at their homes.

Once you establish yourself as a successful groomer, you can take up high-paying jobs by grooming show or tournament dogs. 

You can even hold workshops or classes to train aspiring groomers. You can also make online content in the form of blogs or videos related to grooming and this will help you promote and establish yourself.

Dog Trainer 

This is one of the most common roles in the dog industry and a well-paying one as well. Dog owners might not be equipped to train their dogs themselves or might not have sufficient time. In these cases, people approach dog trainers to do the job of teaching the basic commands and potty training. People who are focused on entering their dogs for shows or competitions will be willing to pay a lot for quality training.

As a trainer, you could also hold classes or seminars for aspiring trainers and make money out of that as well. 

Note that earning a recognized certification will help your professional growth and charge more as well. You can either get trained by recognized trainers or completely online courses to earn a certification. 

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Man walking 2 dogs on leash
How many dogs can you walk?

Dog Walker

Yes! You read that right. Walking dogs can earn you money! 

Physical activity is an essential requirement for dogs and busy parents might not be able to meet that. Even old people who are unable to control their dogs while walking will require this service. This is where you walk in, literally. You can offer to walk dogs for a decided number of hours per day and earn a fair amount. As long as you love dogs and can handle heavy ones with ease, this is an extremely easy job.  

Pet Food 

Most of the dog food which is available in stores is packed and contains artificial components. Not all dog parents are thrilled with the idea of providing their dogs with such food for every meal.

Nowadays, homemade dog food is becoming popular. The food is prepared fresh, rich in nutrients for dogs, and without artificial flavors. Even dog treats are available.

If you love cooking, then this is a great opportunity for you to earn money by doing something you are passionate about. You can provide local pet stores or dog hotspots with fresh meals or treats. 

Dog wearing fashion accessories
Who said dogs don’t dress up? Look at that dog-swag!

Dog Designer

If you didn’t know, most dog parents love to play dress-up with their dogs as well! By fashioning new and exciting clothes and accessories like collars and chains for dogs, you can maintain a solid business. Not many are aware of the scope it brings and this will give you the required edge to start up. 

You take your business online as well and attract customers from various locations. Make sure your products are promoted effectively as building yourself as a familiar brand is crucial for business. For example, you could tie-up with popular dog influencers on social media to display your products. 

Another great idea related to dog products is dog toys. Most owners seek toys that perfectly suit their dogs as unsuitable toys may be ingested or harm the dogs. By designing toys for multiple categories of dogs based on their size, breed, and gender, you can attract customers. If these toys are natural, they will add more value to your brand. 

Online Content

Dog owners are constantly searching the net for dog-related stuff. If you are a dog owner, I’m sure you can relate as you do the same. 

From food to poop, they will have a hundred questions that need answering. If you are a dog owner or have expertise with dogs, you can start up an online blog by sharing your knowledge on common dog issues. 

You can also start a YouTube channel and make videos related to the subject. Once you decide to go online, there’s a lot of competition and you have to make sure your content is very interesting and compelling.

Dog lying in woman’s lap
Dog sitting – just keep your dog friend engaged!

Dog Sitter 

It might sound ridiculous but yes! There are lots of people who are stuck at work all day and are unable to meet the requirements of their dogs. You can earn a decent amount by sitting dogs and keeping them engaged all day. 

If people in your locality go out of town, you can offer to look after their dog till they’re back. 

You just have to make sure they eat on time and don’t break anything. Sounds really simple right? 

Dog Breeder

Becoming a dog breeder might require a heavier investment than other ideas on this list but also bring you handsome profits. 

If you already have a couple of dogs at home or more, you can make money from the puppies and maybe invest in a few more dogs. 

If you are planning to open up a large-scale farm by breeding high pedigree dogs, it will require a lot of effort and investment but once you kick off and attract buyers, it won’t be long before you become a popular name. 

Make sure you familiarise yourself with legal terms (if any) in your region related to animal breeding. 

Dog Photographer 

If you have dogs at home or know people with dogs and a good camera, then what are you waiting for? Doll up those dogs, start clicking, and build your portfolio! 

A lot of websites for stock images or resources pay a small amount for pictures. You can also tie-up with popular pet brands, blogs, or websites and provide images for them. Apart from this, there are people who would love having a photoshoot of their dogs and you can offer such services. 

man training a dog
Training dogs for service is a challenging yet rewarding task

Service Dog Trainer 

Guide dogs are very helpful for blind people to navigate their way around. You can train dogs to fulfill this need and also offer/sell these dogs to those who require. 

Similar to this, you can also train dogs to be companions for aged people or people with disabilities. Training dogs for police or intelligence services is another great career prospect. 

The task of training them requires a lot of time, effort, and precision as their purpose is very challenging. If you are up for it and can work with persistence and dedication, you can get good money out of this.

Dog Driver

This might be the most surprising item on the list but trust me, it actually works well. Dogs might require periodical trips to the vet or therapist and not all dog parents will be around or be able to take them to their appointments. Aged people, people with disabilities, or those with a busy work schedule might require such services. This is where you come in by offering to drive their dog around. 

Dog Adventure Leader

Adventure walks and hikes for dogs are becoming a trend nowadays. It’s like the latest update to dog walking. 

You’ll have to design exciting and exhausting trails for dogs that will meet their physical requirements of walking, running, and stretching. 

If your locality is suitable to arrange such adventure walks, you can start working now to become the pack leader!

Make sure that you organize batches that you can handle and it is always best to hire additional help instead of dealing with a runaway dog. An ideal batch must have dogs of similar sizes and breeds that get along.

What are you going to do?

Now that you know the amazing job opportunities that dogs open up for you, which one are you going to take up?

Some of these ideas are right before your eyes and you wouldn’t have realized them as a potential source of money. Apart from these, you can also join the management team of dog shows or even start a dog party planning service. In recent times, dog therapists for massage, post-injury, rehabilitation, and even psychology-related are becoming solid career roles.

Remember that this list is not final and is only limited by your imagination. In addition to this, you can always find innovative ways to earn money in this field. 

If you have any other interesting ideas, then feel free to share!

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