Is TrainPetDog Legitimate

Is Train Pet Dog Legitimate?

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All dogs are stubborn in their own way and take a while to learn things. But, that’s not something you have to worry about as long as you have a trustable helping hand. This is exactly why dog trainers and training programs are so popular since they make things easier. 

They can do the same if you’re struggling to get your pup to listen to what you’re saying. But, not all of these programs and trainers are trustable. A lot of them aren’t legitimate. They won’t help your dog or you, which is why you should try your best to avoid them. 

It would be best if you always settled for only the best when it comes to your dog. To help you with this, we’re here to discuss whether or not TrainPetDog is legitimate. Please keep reading to learn more about them before trying out their services.

What is Train Pet Dog?

TrainPetDog is an online dog training service that claims to help all of its users with training courses and an e-book. Their training methods and lessons are meant to help dog owners deal with common issues like excessive barking, chewing, and more of the sort.

To try them out, all users have to do is sign up to their site. Of course, it’s a paid service, so it involves providing credit card details and other personal information, like most other online dog training services. Once you pay, you’re supposed to have access to all of their services.

But, not everything is as smooth as they claim to be. While TrainPetDog looks great from the outside, there’s a lot you should know about them before deciding that they’re worth trusting your dog with. That said, here’s what you need to know about the service:

Are Their Services Legitimate?

TrainPetDog offers a lot of promise and reassurance that their services will help you with your dog. But that simply isn’t the case. Their services are not legitimate, and we recommend that you don’t trust them with your dog’s growth and training.

For starters, many things that their course teaches aren’t even unique. Instead, it’s basic stuff that you can easily get from free online guides or even YouTube videos, meaning that there isn’t any reason to waste your money with them. 

It won’t help train your dog, and you’ll just be wasting your time trying to figure things out. There are many other better options which you can try instead. That isn’t all, though. Their training methods are not good, and on top of that, there are many other issues with their service. 

Problems with Customer Support

One of the main things that many of their clients have complained about is their customer support. When people complain about their lacking and disappointing services, they’re only met with a silence which is frustrating for anyone.

Problems with Customer Support

The best way to describe the customer service would be to call them inconsistent. They’ve certainly helped a few users out, but many people haven’t had that kind of luck. So instead, the customer support doesn’t help them out or ignores them entirely.

Here are multiple reviews from

👎 Here are multiple reviews from different people who are complaining about TrainPetDog’s customer service.

In their reviews, several clients of TrainPetDog have mentioned that the customer support won’t contact them for up to a week or two after promising consolation. 

Some people have also placed orders and never received anything after payment. When they’ve tried to contact support for help regarding this, they’ve mainly been met with basic replies that weren’t very helpful, following complete silence.

So, while the Train Pet Dog customer support has been able to help a few people, it’s left a lot of others hanging dry. It’s just one of many reasons why we don’t consider the service legitimate and recommend that you try out one of the many other options instead.

Issues with Refunds

Moving on, refunds are also a big problem with TrainPetDog. Most trustable pet training services offer money-back guarantees or some assurance for those that don’t like their training. But, TrainPetDog isn’t so reliable when it comes to this.

Many people who haven’t liked their service have asked for refunds but couldn’t get any. Not only that, there are several cases of the company charging users back accounts for a second time. 

Issues with Refunds

👎Another customer who has had all sorts of problems with TrainPetDog.

While TrainPetDog refunds some that go through this, others have to go through a lot of trouble with customer support. The service is known for charging people even after trying to stop it. This has led to many users going to their banks to stop the process.

Other Issues

All around, there are a lot of things to point out about why Train Pet Dog isn’t one of the options you should consider for your pup. For example, sometimes, users can’t log into the site to learn through the company’s courses. In addition, their account details no longer work.

Other Issues

👎A review from a customer who has had problems with a refund.

This is another thing that customer support is rarely helpful with. Overall, it’s quite expensive for what’s being offered. There are better options that can help you more with your pup for the same price or even less. A little bit of looking can help you find these better options.


To give a clear and short answer to our opinion, we believe that TrainPetDog isn’t legitimate and that you should stay clear of them. As we’ve already mentioned, we recommend that you find another service that can help you out more.

Their customer support is unreliable, their dog training methods are not that good, and sometimes they’ll keep charging you money even after you try to cancel. It isn’t worth it to go through all the trouble when there are more consistent and trustable services.

Many people aren’t happy with them, and you shouldn’t risk it because of that. Hopefully, the information we shared can help you make the right decision for you and your dog!

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