Firework season less stressful for dogs

How to Make Firework Season Less Stressful for Dogs?

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Yeah! you definitely love your dog that’s why you’ve come here to learn, ‘How you can make Firework season less stressful for dogs?’

Everyone knows that loud busting fireworks distress the dogs. But no one takes responsible steps to make it safe for their own dogs as well as street dogs.

Bursting crackers and fireworks may all sound fun until you realize it may not be as fun for your pets at home.

As Dog Parents, it is your responsibility to keep your pets safe from all the commotion that firecrackers cause and make this festive season happy for them too. 

Now, the question arises, ‘Why do you have to do it and how?’ 

Are dogs safe during fireworks season?

During the festive season or at the time of bursting crackers, observe your pets and watch their behaviour.

You’ll often observe your dog reacting or behaving differently, which will be described in the section below. 

All of this makes it pretty clear and is a clear sign for you to know that your pet isn’t having a ‘Happy’ Diwali or Halloween. But why do they behave this certain way? What makes these furballs so afraid?

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dogs develop firework anxiety

During Firework season, dogs develop firework anxiety.

  1. Animals see the loud firework noises as a threat to their lives. They feel that something around them is wrong and is going to cause harm to them. 

And if you try to cuddle your dog to make them feel better at this time, it’s NOT a good idea. This makes them feel that you are scared too and increases the fear in their mind. 

2. A few dogs have also suffered from a loss of bladder control due to fright of loud cracker noises. Some others have also fallen prey to diarrhoea and other digestive problems.

3. The bright streak of light do you see? That seems beautiful to you, and we all capture them on our phones, yes. But such sudden lightning can cause partial or complete blindness in dogs, just like a thunderstorm. 

4. If people are bursting crackers near your pets, it may even cause a physical injury or, more precisely, burning of the tail or other parts of the body. 

5. Dogs develop anxiety at the time of these festivities, and it may take weeks for them to recover from this distress. 

Do Fireworks hurt dogs’ ears?

Do Fireworks hurt dogs' ears
Fireworks’ sound ranges up to 190 decibels, which is enough to hurt a dog’s ears.

All the loud noises that the crackers make may add joy and excitement to the festive environment, but how do your dogs feel when they hear it?

Crackers and fireworks may cause physical injury to pets, as they might cause burns. But that’s not all; there’s a lot worse. 

The audible sound range for humans ranges around 80 Decibels. The sound that firecrackers make it around and up to 190 Decibels. Does that make sense? It is 100 Decibels more! Dogs

Dogs have to power to hear the sound four times further away than we can. So imagine the amount of stress they’d have.

These loud and sudden bursts can cause major anxiety to your dog. Conclusion: there can be massive and irreversible, irreparable ear damage that can go to the extent of loss of hearing or even chronic hearing illnesses.

So, yes, fireworks do affect your dog’s hearing abilities. 

How are Fireworks traumatizing for dogs?

It has been observed that around 83 per cent of dog owners notice a change in their pet’s behaviour during the festive season. Nearly 42 per cent of these dog parents agree that their pets’ behaviour is because they’re scared of the firecrackers. 

Dogs aren’t aware of what sound they are hearing or, more importantly, how and where the sound is coming from. 

Fireworks are usually traumatizing for dogs, but they largely depend on past experiences and exposure to various situations.  

Noise Aversion varies and can be different for different breeds, genders, and age groups of dogs. The genetics of the dog also largely determine how the dog reacts.

For instance, German Shepherds are more likely to panic, and other breeds like Collies are likely to hide away. It just varies from breed to breed. 

These are just various ways in which dogs react, but the loud noises of crackers do cause noticeable anxiety in pets.

Here are the symptoms when a dog faces fireworks anxiety.

fireworks anxiety in dogs
You should always look out for symptoms of fireworks anxiety in dogs.

Here you go! 

  1. Dogs shivering with fear
  2. Trying to hideaway
  3. Tails tightly held between their legs
  4. Having difficulty in breathing 
  5. Barking Excessively

These are some things that you might observe in your dog….and take necessary action!!

How to prepare your dog for fireworks in advance?

No matter how much we try to educate people about pollution, people will burst crackers. So here’s how we can prepare our dogs for fireworks in advance.

  1. Take your dog for walks during the day. Avoid walks during the evening or night as this may increase the chances of physical or mental harm.
  1. Close all the windows, doors, and curtains so that minimum sound reaches the pet and also, they are also not exposed to sudden lights in the sky.
  1. Dogs tend to drink more water when they’re scared or suffering from anxiety. Make sure you keep water available for them to drink.
  1. Similarly, feed your dogs before the fireworks begin because anxiety may lead to increased hunger which may further cause unrest.
  1. Create a safe space for pets where they feel secure and protected—a room where the least noise can reach and the dog feels comfortable there. 

So these are some things you can be cautious of to keep your dog safe this fireworks season. 

Medication/Calming Products to calm an anxious dog after fireworks

anxious dog after fireworks

Anti Anxiety Medications may help some dogs overcome the trauma that they face while the firecrackers burst. However, such medicines should only be given under a professional veterinarian’s guidance.

However, these drugs should be given BEFORE the firework begins. These drugs usually suppress the dog’s senses a little. They make them less aware of the stimuli or make them fall asleep during the period.

If the dog faces Anxiety issues, the recovery period may range from days to a few weeks.

What can you do for Street/Stray dogs during this Firework Season?

We all love our pets, but there are also dogs on the streets who are left unprotected and in danger while the fireworks are on. Like your pets, you might observe these dogs shivering or being very scared as the fireworks are only used on the street.

As dog lovers, it is our responsibility also to help these dogs out. We can do this by doing simple things, for example, providing food and water to these dogs. If possible, we can also try to keep these dogs inside our house or at least on the lawn outside, preventing physical injuries if they stay outside.

We should try and do whatever is in our capacity to take care of these stray dogs because, after all, dogs have a similar body and may face similar issues.

 So let us help our pets and other dogs and make this festive season truly a happy one!

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