Cairn Terrier Dog Breed: The Clever Highlander

The history related to this breed is a little hazy. The Cairn Terrier is a working dog breed that originated in the Highlands of Scotland. This dog breed is one of the oldest breeds in the country.

Cairn Terriers are generally considered a healthy breed with a reputation for toughness, but they may suffer from some of the health issues related to terriers in general. They may live up to 15 years to even 18 years.

The breed requires a complete and balanced diet and does best on high-quality commercial dog food for maximum health.

Cairns are versatile miniature terriers who thrive in various environments, from a cramped city flat to a sprawling rural estate, as long as they receive enough exercise.

Your Cairn’s coat is a waterproof double-coat that protects him as he runs through the bush and thorns, terrifying the surrounding small fauna.