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60% Pet concerns can be solved without leaving your home.


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– Skin & Hair problems
– Ear diseases
– Urinary tract infection
– Vomiting
– Diarrhea
– Parasites
– Dental issues
– Obesity
– Arthritis
– Poisoning, etc.



23% Off



– Canine distemper
– Canine Influenza
– External Parasites
– Heartworms
– Heatstroke
– Injuries
– Kennel cough
– Rabies
– Ringworm
– Leptospirosis, etc.


20% Off



– Spay & neuter procedures
– Foreign body removal
– Soft tissue animal surgery
– Orthopedic surgery
– Eye surgery and dental
procedure, etc.

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Meet our experts

Monkoodog allows you to book an online consultation with 25+ Registered Pet experts and Certified VETS from all across India. Our Experienced VETs are polite and quick at providing online solutions and will help you get all the answers to your concern about the falling health of your puppy.

Monkoodog VETs guide you with all the simple and proven solutions for your dog’s health problems.

Our VETs are also qualified with Nutrition Consultation, and Dog Parent Management. We ensure that we get you the proper treatment as soon as possible with the simplest and most effective solution by an expert qualified to help you.

Why Consult Online?

Not all conditions require a clinical follow-up.

Only a few conditions require clinical follow-ups; while it requires much planning in your schedule, an online consultation does not require any planning or travel inconvenience.

Accommodations of slots

It can sometimes be challenging to get an appointment due to the lack of accommodations in the clinic or timing issues; Online consultation irradicates all the problems such as travel, accommodations inside the clinic, etc.

Fewer chances of infection due to other dogs' presence

There is absolutely no chance of your dog or you getting infected due to the other dog’s presence if they have a disease at all. You can be at home and still get consulted about all your dog’s problems, and it’s necessary during the COVID-19 era.

More peace of mind

In a situation where you are stressed about what is happening with your pet and can’t wait to get an appointment, an online VET consultation is the key and may relieve you till your next physical appointment at the clinic.

The convenience of mobile apps and messaging services

With the internet, booking an online appointment through mobile apps and messaging is extremely easy. You don’t necessarily need to call the clinic. Fixing an appointment can be done via a click from your phone.

Reduced healthcare costs

A clinical visit will always cost more than online consultation; You don’t necessarily have to spend that much on the initial consultation; hence an online consultation is recommended.

Private and secure

An online consultation always prioritizes anonymity, the consultation, and the data are always kept private. It allows online Vets to win the trust of the customers.

Opportunity to connect with the best Vets far away from you

During an offline meeting, it is not always possible the consult a good VET far away from you, and it gets difficult even to find a VET nearby; with the help of Online Consultation, its possible to connect with the Best VETS across India who will help you with every dog problems.

Immediate and “always-on.”

Online services always provide an instant solution to your queries; You can instantly book an appointment at your convenience and get all your answers. However, veterinary rules do not currently allow prescription; medicines can only be prescribed upon a physical checkup. You can get all the information during an initial consultation to know the problem.

Our Happy Pet Parents

"I would recommend that every pet parent at least give it a try and book a grooming session at M.K. Pet shop through the Monkoodog app."
Nikhil and Jelly
Pet Parent
"So we got grooming done by ARD Pet Hospital through the Monkoodog app It was a great experience for us and we will surely book from there again."
Saachi and Zoey
Pet Parent
"I booked Nikhil Kumar through the Monkoodog App. He gave behavioral training to Leo for 2 months and now Leo is the best furry friend I will ever meet in my life 🙂 "
Twinkle and Leo
Pet Parent

Still not conviced?

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It’s simple enough, all you have to do is choose a plan and book your slot. 10 minutes before your preferred time we will connect you to a qualified vet. It’s that simple.

It depends on the plan you choose, basic and critical illness consultations will last 15-20 minutes, and the Surgery consultation plan lasts for 20-30 minutes.

Once your call with the vet is complete, you will receive a digital copy of the prescription.

Free follow-up is available in only two of our plans, Critical illness & surgery consultation. You will be able to connect with the vet through a WhatsApp group after your call with the vet is over. There, you can ask queries you might have.

You can consult our vets for any query you might have related to your pet, for eg:

  • Skin & Fur
  • Bad stomach & weight
  • Mouth & Teeth
  • Ears & Eyes
  • Urinary & reproductive
  • Legs, paws & claws
  • wounds injury
  • new pet parent
  • general queries.

After your call with the vet is over, you will receive a digital copy of the prescription through WhatsApp.

General Consultation Plan
Critical Illness Plan
Surgery Consultation Plan
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